My colleague, Mike Cargill, sent this story to me for which I thank him.  It is an example of why marketers shouldn’t create content.  The article is a collection of some of the best and worst tweets commemorating 9/11.  The bad ones are terrible and disrespectful.  They push product on a day when commercialism should be at an ebb.  The best ones do a credible job of remembering the day without attempting to sell the reader anything.  How can a marketer use an international, world-changing tragedy as a bench for selling anything?  The answer to that is marketers are trained to ask for the order at any and all times.  ”So, thousands were killed, here’s a coupon to buy my product.”  The marketer doesn’t see the offer as tacky and inappropriate.  It is one more opportunity to sell, sell, sell.  On the other hand, the PR practitioner should and usually does consider the feelings of the audience being addressed.  Marketers should leave content creation to professionals, all of whom should have PR training.

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