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A Modern Definition of Public Relations The NY Times has been covering PRSA’s quest to create a modern definition of public relations. Good all around. But the final definition reminds me of the one I studied when I took my APR (back in the day). Not sure we made a ton of progress? Proving Social […]

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Pinterest, Photographers and the Law What is the difference between posting another person’s photographs on your Pinterest page and posting another person’s photographs on your Facebook page? Wipe The Slate Clean on Google | Martin Koss Interesting and helpful post. Worth going through these steps if you don’t want Google watching you AND using this […]

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Good Read: Red Bull as Media Company | Digiday Tweet This Post

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Start 2012 by Taking 2 Minutes to Clean Your Apps Permissions Great site I recommend using to see how many apps you’ve allowed access to your various social accounts. Kurrently – A real-time search engine for Facebook and Twitter. Searches Facebook and Twitter (accounts that’ve not changed their privacy settings that is) Tweet This Post

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The Filter Bubble The focus on Big Data and the lack of personal accountability for your privacy on free sites like Facebook are a disaster waiting to happen. Filter Bubble plays out this scenario. The Social-Pairing Trend [Need To Know: SXSWi] @PSFK Love these examples of curation as a service Tweet This Post

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How Target Figured Out A Teen Girl Was Pregnant Before Her Father Did – Forbes The other side of Data Mining. Reminds me of Google Buzz. Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. You need to customize after a certain point based on a customer’s terms…not simply your level of insight. Tweet This Post

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Ford’s social media strategy entrepreneurial | EnterChange Ford’s Craig Daitch presented at Cincinnati Social Media’s February event. This is a great recap and Q&A with Craig from The Cincinnati Enquirer Tweet This Post

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The World’s 50 Most Innovative Companies 2012 | Fast Company Tweet This Post

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Super Bowl Twitter, Facebook Use Up More Than 6X Over 2011 If you remember that mobile doesn’t simply mean outside and that most everyone watching the game probably owned a mobile phone or had access to a laptop, the above is not a surprise. Advertisers had plenty of “conversation starters” — from hashtags to shazam […]

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NYPL Labs | The New York Public Library New York Public Library is doing some interesting things in their labs. 4 Ways to Tweet as a Visual Brand Some helpful reminders from mashable that apply to more than visual tweets. Not sure I agree about only using Twitter. As a default, it makes sense. But […]