Tuesday April 16, 2024

Deeds Not Words

 Few expect a grandiloquent speech from President-elect Biden tomorrow.  He is not that kind of person.  But, this opinion piece argues that words mean little anyway.  It’s what Biden does that will make the difference.  And, what he focuses on in his first days needs to be COVID vaccinations and the economy.  This is as […]

Words Vs. Actions

PR is what you do first and foremost.  Words come later when there is little chance of accusing one of hypocrisy.  That is why this is a cautionary tale.  The Roman Catholic Church for centuries stood on the side of freedom in its words.  It was less so in its actions.  Church institutions kept slaves […]

A Thousand Words

The cliche that a picture is worth a thousand words proves true once again.  The photo of a barefoot, diapered toddler wailing as she flees from tear gas at the Mexican border has gone viral. It has provoked condemnation of the Trump administration and its hard-edged policies toward migrants.  It has given a hot issue […]

Words Matter

The US Citizen and Immigration Service has changed its mission statement.  It has eliminated reference to immigrants being customers and it now stresses protection of America.  Words matter.  It is clear that the agency has pushed the immigrant to the background while focusing on security.  There wasn’t anything wrong with the old mission statement other […]

Empty Words?

North Korea has said the US would “pay dearly” for new sanctions imposed on it by the UN Security Council.  In reality there isn’t much the North can do and its threat is largely empty words.  Yes, the country could launch hacking attacks against the US, but security personnel are ready now for such interruptions. […]

Words Too Far

In the internet era, words that go out of the boundary of common decency tend to resurface at inopportune times.  At least, that was the case for this fellow.  He has been an arch-conservative flamethrower for awhile and supported on Breitbart news, but his quasi-endorsement of pedophilia was too much for the news site and for […]

Words Won’t Stop Them

The Ukraine has passed the point of persuasion and plunged into force of arms.  The only relations with the public now must be one of power, especially since Russia is fomenting agitation in its eastern cities.  And from Russia’s point of view, why not?  Even if soldiers refrain from coming over the border, unrest compels […]

Words, Words, Words

Global events have a way of showing how little words mean unless backed with action.  Take the current situation with Russia.  The White House says it will stand with its allies should Putin decide to expand the country’s territory again.  Maybe it will.  Maybe not.  The Baltic countries are so small that Russia could be over their borders […]

Words And Deeds

The pomp of inauguration day is deceptive.  It is a triumph of hope over experience.  So too a President’s words.  The essence of politics is “what have you done for me lately?”  Citizens will be looking toward Washington DC to see what the President accomplishes, and the President could be in for a hard road. […]


Syria is proving the fecklessness of words.  The United Nations is warning the Syrian government that is committing crimes against humanity.  The US says President Bashar al-Assad should go.  One country after another condemns the slaughter in the country.  But, no one is doing anything.  Words go only so far, and with dictators they never go […]