Monday September 16, 2019

Science Relations

The Chinese scientist who edited human embryos to make them HIV resistant is now a pariah in the scientific world.  Scientists worldwide condemned his action and the Chinese government has shut down his work.  There has been a consensus to avoid tampering with human embryos until more is known about the effects of doing so.  […]

Tough Customer Relations

What could be worse than to be on the receiving end of a customer Twitter stream in a faltering organization?  That is the fate of customer relations representatives who serve the New York City subways and its decrepit system.  They are in a no-win situation.  The subways are decades past upgrading their signals.  Stations are […]

Ag Relations

The Bayer-Monsanto merger has put a spotlight on relations with their principal customers — farmers.  They are concerned and fearful that the combination will increase prices of seed and fertilizer.  Only time will tell if they are right, but in the meantime, the merged companies will need to cultivate good relationships with the agricultural base.  […]

Public Relations Or Spin

Thirty four Muslim nations have formed a coalition to fight ISIS.  The question remains open whether it is a serious effort or spin.  It will be public relations if the coalition acts to destroy ISIS.  It will be spin if it doesn’t.  PR is what one does and not what one says.  Action needn’t be dropping bombs […]

Negative Relations

One way to tell whether an organization cares about its reputation is how it behaves.  The Islamic State wants to be feared, and it has reduced ancient sites to rubble  to show its intent.  There is nothing about Palmyra that should offend IS.  The muslim terrorists blew up the Arch of Triumph because it was […]

A Master Of Public Relations

This fellow was a master of public relations.  He knew what his customers wanted and he maintained a guarantee of satisfaction that built the company to what it is today.  That L.L. Bean is a household name with an aura of quality is directly due to him.  He should be placed in the pantheon of executives […]

State Relations

Opening an embassy is an act of mutual trust between two nations.  That is why this act has significance and is a PR step for both the US and Cuba. Rather than choosing the decades-long standoff, they are now warily relating again.  Progress will be slow. The Castro brothers will continue to be communists and […]

Smart Investor Relations

Warren Buffett’s annual “Woodstock for Capitalists” is an example of smart investor relations.  He puts on an exhibition of Berkshire Hathaway’s companies for the shareholder meeting.  He and his long-time partner, Charlie Munger, sit for hours answering questions and addressing criticism.  Other corporations should be envious of the participation Buffett has achieved over the decades. […]

Strategic Public Relations’ Book Giveaway

After spending Labor Day Weekend purging, I have some books to give away. Some are older than others. But, as you’ll see in the list below, they cover social media, public relations, branding, marketing and business topics. All of them are still relevant to one degree or another. If I did a blog post/book report, […]

Souring Relations

It is often difficult in a corporation to see interconnections with the world, but in politics, links are stark — such as this case.  In an effort to protect its borders, the US deports migrants to Mexico where crime is worse.  Predictably, Mexico is unhappy about it because it is fighting its own war with […]