Thursday June 13, 2024

Content Marketing Lessons from Facebook, Twitter & Google

Three pieces of content driving some serious sharing online last week are “year in review” stories from Facebook, Twitter and Google. Perhaps stories doesn’t do their projects justice. More than just breezy content, each story also holds lessons for brands and their approach to content marketing. It’s Not About You: FacebookBy tapping into each user’s last 12 months of […]

Progressive Insurance PR Crisis & Twitter

The image above makes me assume that, while Progressive Insurance may have a social media policy in place, it does not have a crisis plan. Or at least not a crisis plan that considers social media — Twitter most obviously.  With nearly a dozen people designated as Progressive Insurance Twitter representatives, there is a single […]

Google, Twitter, LinkedIn & The Shiny Buttons

In less than a week, Google, Twitter and LinkedIn announced “button strategies” – making it simple to deploy platform-specific actions on other sites. The seemingly basic news means each site can be distributed broadly across the web, keeping users connected to their sites through simple, lightweight user actions. The Heft of Lightweight User ActionsLightweight user […]

Twitter Media Relations

The communications director for the governor of Florida is using Twitter to talk to reporters with interesting results.  Disputes that used to be handled in one-on-one talks are now 140-character tweets that all can follow.  While some say it is entertaining, one wonders if it is smart.  Calling out reporters and and editors and their stories so […]

Twitter Stats

If these statistics about Twitter are true — and I suspect they are — then Twitter isn’t much of a tool for PR practitioners.  That is, Twitter shouldn’t be looked upon as a broadcast medium but a narrowcast to selected audiences.  In retrospect, it is hard to accept that 20,000 users get most of the […]

Social Media: More than Twitter and Facebook? Uh, yeah.

The following post is based on a discussion at the Cincinnati Social Media LinkedIn Group. In what seems to be a race to oversimplify EVERYTHING, we’re creating misdefinitions. In many cases there’s simply (a lot) more to the story. Social media provides the latest example. Do you know anyone with “T&F Tunnel Vision?” This unfortunate […]

Twitter And The Media

I missed this earlier but the conclusions are not surprising.  If you want to start a Twitter trend, post a comment about an article from the mainstream media.  In other words, credibility and content matter more than personality and number of followers one is able to attract.  Content, credibility and reputation are verities communicators forget […]

Fortune 100 And Twitter

Continuing with a series of studies in how large corporations use social media, here is an analysis of  how the Fortune 100 use Twitter.  The table for the study is here.  The use of Twitter is not as developed as that for Facebook.  The study uses several measures to show why this is so.  Read […]

Twitter Search for Business, Digital Branding, Social Media — in the 90s, Data Visualization | Four Links | 11.28.10

It’s been a year since I did my last Four Links post?! It’s not Twitter’s fault. In fact, thanks to Delicious, I’ve been tracking more relevant content in the last 12 months if anything else. But I’ve customized the design of my blog enough that TypePad won’t let me push my Delicious links here as […]

Twitter Imitates HootSuite, Is HootSuite Imitating Radian6?

Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery. The PR person in me jokingly refers to it as “an homage.” Others might call it plagiarism or copyright infringement. Does the new Twitter merit any of these descriptions when compared to HootSuite? Not sure, but news about Twitter’s new ad targeting, pending analytics and new interface (shown here via my work account) […]