Wednesday March 20, 2019

Can’t Go Back?

Walmart is ending a popular price-matching program and customers are furious.  The company’s explanation is that it already offers the lowest price on most items so there is no longer a need for the comparison check.  That is not what its customers say.  They claim Walmart is greedy and trying to hide price increases.  They […]

It Starts

There are still months before full-throated campaigning begins for the Presidency.  That, however, hasn’t stopped sniping, which is coming early and often.  Consider this.  Joe Biden hasn’t officially declared he is running for the White House, and already he is being criticized for new-found wealth.  It is a PR challenge he has to meet sooner […]

No Shame

What can be said about a company that is caught multiple times doing wrong yet persists?  It has no shame.  This is the situation with Huawei and its advertising of its cell phones.  Huawei persists in using DSLR images to hype the quality of its cell phone camera.  It’s as if the company doesn’t trust […]

Scandal And Reputation

The Roman Catholic Church is learning the impact of scandal on the tolerance of believers.  A recent Gallup poll in the US  “found that 37 percent of respondents said ‘recent news about sexual abuse of young people by priests’ has them personally questioning whether to remain Catholic — a 15 point increase since 2002.”  The results were […]

Changed PR Forever

Yesterday’s Google Doodle celebrating the birth of the World Wide Web was a reminder of how radically it has changed PR.  Those of us ancient enough to remember the days before the Web will recall how difficult it was to convince CEOs of reputation issues, of persuasion that did not include advertising and the power […]


Political operatives are opening fake local news websites.  They are attempting to mislead voters into thinking stories on them are objective when they are nothing more than partisan propaganda.  It is regrettable and dishonest.  There is nothing wrong with taking sides.  Newspapers in America started that way, and some still survive with a political bent.  […]

Empty Gesture?

Eli Lilly has announced it will make a generic version of its diabetes drug, Humalog. that will sell for half the price of its branded product.  It seems like a good PR move until one examines the price — $137.35 a vial.  That’s still too steep for diabetics who must pay for the treatment out […]

Man Bites Dog

Google said it discovered it was paying some women more than men for similar jobs.  This is a man-bites-dog story.  It is so unusual that it garnered headlines nationally.  While it is never good to have pay inequities, it is a sign of company concern for women that it inadvertently got itself into this position.  […]


PR and publicity can go only so far.  At some point recipients of messages accept or ignore them.  One can persuade but not compel. Consider this example.  Railroad authorities have repeated ad nauseum a warning to respect gates at crossings and to never, never go around them when they are down.  Yet, a driver did.  […]

Passed By?

Major brewers and packaged good marketers in the US are facing a conundrum.  Consumers are passing them by and buying other products off grocery shelves and from liquor stores. Sales of Budweiser, particularly, have stalled.  Anheuser-Busch is working frantically to turn around.  The company is being assaulted by thousands of craft breweries whose production is a fraction of what […]