Tuesday July 23, 2019

Dream On

This article envisions what will happen on the moon in the next 50 years.  It is a dream that might have a smack of reality to it.  We know with 50 years of hindsight that going to the lunar surface is a hard and dangerous task.  Once we get there, the landscape is hostile and unfit […]

Smart Marketing And PR

This is smart marketing and PR.  Even drivers with automatic toll payment in their cars would like to know what driving a road will cost.  In fact, they have more of an incentive than those who stop and pay a toll taker because automatic payments are deducted from one’s account without a receipt.  Waze is […]

From Anywhere

Criticisms can come from anywhere and become a crisis.  Consider this.  A conservative group is protesting a brief scene in Pixar’s Toy Story 4 because they say it shows lesbians.  There is little indication in the movie that this is so, but they have read into the scene and say it isn’t for young children.  […]

Second Guessing

No matter what a Chief Justice of the Supreme Court does, he is caught in second guessing of decisions, particularly if he is a swing vote.  It would normally be a tough PR position but for the fact that justices are insulated from the opinion of the public.  Chief Justice Roberts has taken controversial stances […]

Wasn’t Ready.

Joe Biden now says he wasn’t ready for the attack on him by fellow Democratic candidate for President, Senator Kamala Harris, in the recent debate.  The question is why not.  Biden has a long legislative record, and he knows he must defend it during the lead-up to and in the primaries.  He has been taking […]


Walmart is learning that taking on Amazon is expensive.  It is set to lose a billion dollars this year as it grows its online business.  This has apparently ignited tensions inside the company as executives jockey for power.  Walmart might be forgetting that Amazon itself lost billions as it built market share.  There was a […]

Taking The Blame — Sort Of

Samsung’s chief of mobile phones has publicly taken the blame for the failures of its fold-out phone.  He says he released it too early.  This belated PR move is proper but hardly enough.  There are many waiting with pre-orders for the instrument who now don’t know when they will get it, if ever.  Samsung itself […]

Better Than Nothing?

Ten Democratic candidates for president “debate” tonight and 10 more tomorrow night.  There is no time for them to get into issues and there are too many of them.  They are in the stage because it is a first — and perhaps, last — chance to be in the national limelight.  For most, it won’t […]


It is essential for  online information purveyors to catch cheaters because crooks diminish the credibility of the companies’ services. Consider Google Maps.  Millions of businesses have posted false location and phone information in order to dupe potential customers.  Google is working hard to root them out, but it has a long way to go, and it […]

Off For A Week

I’m taking a week off while traveling.  I’ll be back Monday, June 24.   Tweet This Post