Saturday May 25, 2019

Was It Always This Way?

General Electric’s CEO is trying to stop infighting between divisions and to focus the corporation on quality and management.  The question arises whether it was always this way, even under the legendary Jack Welch?  A company that is turning out profits can cover a lot of sins.  When the money machine stops, all sorts of […]

Not Dead Yet

What happens to an electronic product that died of bad PR?  Usually, one never sees it again.  But, the Google Glass has discovered a new life as an enterprise item to use while working in factories, doing maintenance and repair and other work.  It doesn’t take much recall to remember how it was hyped as […]

Curious Marketing

Taco Bell is opening a hotel for a short time that will have its restaurant themes throughout it. While it is creative, it is curious marketing.  What does Taco Bell have to do with rooms?  It is a stretch to say that Mexican food has deep relationships to room service and overnight stays.  And how […]

A Challenge

What kind of marketing and PR do you need when your customers are moving away from you?  This is the challenge facing cable companies.  Millions are cutting the cord to cable TV.  Industry executives continue to say it is not a problem, but at some point they will need to face the issue.  There are […]

Stating The Truth

Uber’s IPO sank as soon as it hit the market.  Uber’s CEO stated the truth about stock price in a masterful memo to employees.  He didn’t sugar-coat the need for company performance in order for the price to rise and recover.  He didn’t inveigh against the fickle nature of markets.  He said clearly and cogently […]

What Will It Take?

Carbon dioxide levels have reached levels unknown since the rise of humans, and there is only one epic, Pliocene, millions of years ago when it was equaled.  What will it take for humans to understand that global warming is real?  There are signs that Americans are coming around to accepting it in spite of its […]

Military PR

Can the business of death have PR value?  This weapon contains concern for civilians at the same time it is wiping out enemy fighters.  It is a step forward in killing combatants but not innocent men, women and children who happen to be near them.  Concern for civilians has been a sore point for the […]

Needed PR

The best kind of PR is that which you didn’t seek but got anyway for what you do.  Tesla has been criticized for its autopilot technology on its vehicles because it hasn’t worked in well-publicized crashes.  It must be heartening then for the company to get kudos from drivers who say the technology has saved […]

Losing The Base

What do you need to do in communications and marketing to solidify an eroding base? Prime Minister Theresa May is finding out.  She is losing her coterie of big donors over the gut-level fight of Brexit.  There is a strong need for backroom deal-making and arm twisting, but thus far nothing has worked and no […]

When Silence Isn’t Golden

NASA and SpaceX have clammed up.  They aren’t speaking about the failure of a manned-crew capsule, called Dragon, on a test stand.  Apparently, it blew up when its rockets fired.  No one was injured but the anomaly, as they are calling it, may have set back NASA’s plans for months for a crewed flight to the International […]