Wednesday November 20, 2019

Cynicism Allowed

President Trump has said he might be willing to testify to the Congressional committee.  Democrats are skeptical and well they should be.  Trump is a president who lies constantly, whenever it benefits him.  He prevaricates so frequently that he has trouble remembering what his last lie was.  The Democrats’ cynicism is justified.  Trump fancies himself […]

Self-made Crisis

Google has a crisis on its hands that it alone has created.  It has gone into partnership with Ascension healthcare to codify and store the large medical chain’s records and the information of millions of patients.  It has apparently failed to tell its own people or the public what it plans to do with all […]


The nation’s largest milk processor has gone bankrupt.  Dairy consumption continues to drop and the company couldn’t hold on.  Clearly advertising and PR haven’t worked.  The question is what to do now?  There are still millions of milk drinkers, and they expect to find the product on supermarket cold cases.  The market might need to […]


When Apple launched its credit card with Goldman Sachs, they didn’t foresee this.  Should they have known that their credit algorithm scores men and women differently?  If not, they do now and they have a black eye, which will take time to heal.  It’s a public relations debacle for the companies and the only answer […]

Military Burial

I was out of the office for two days last week to attend a funeral and military burial.  The flag ceremony at the gravesite is deeply affecting and full of symbolism as is the playing of taps that precedes it.  The country is communicating its thanks to the family and friends of the deceased.  In […]

Et Tu, McDonald’s?

Who would think the CEO of McDonald’s would be fired for a relationship with an employee?  It happened, and he is gone, waiting for severance.  It shows a healthy concern for public relations and perception on the part of the board.  It also forestalls power plays and favoritism on the part of the CEO.  The […]

50 Years

Fifty years ago this week the internet was born.  It was called ARPANET then, but it contained the technology that drives the worldwide system today.  For the first 25 years of its life, it was a backbone of science and engineering then with development of the web, it exploded into the commercial and individual entity […]

Internal Relations

First, it was the employees of Google expressing their opinions publicly.  Now it is the workers of Facebook.  They are objecting to Facebook’s policy of allowing politicians’ ads to lie and spread false information.  And, there is a good chance they will be heard.  With the advent of social media, especially Twitter and Facebook, there […]

When Publicity Hurts

Since ancient times, publicizing the names of mass murderers and other evil-doers has been a problem.  It stimulates others to do dark deeds.  The phenomenon is called social contagion by the scientific community, and it has been a work in America.  Mass shooters have become more common.  They are aping one another in seeing their […]

On and On

Britain’s reputation has been taking a beating over Brexit and the inability of parliament to resolve the issue of leaving the EU.  Now the EU has granted another extension until Jan. 31 with the hope that the UK can decide by then what to do.  Brexit has never made sense economically.  The country is tied […]