Monday August 10, 2020

Grim Remembrance

It has been 75 years since Hiroshima was obliterated by a single atomic bomb.  In spite of the COVID-19 threat, city authorities held ceremonies to remember.  The use of atom bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki is a permanent stain on America’s reputation.  In defense of President Truman, he did not understand the power or after-effects […]

Political Marketing

The Trump campaign is relying on traditional door-knocking to get out the vote in November.  The Biden campaign isn’t.  Biden’s people are relying on phone banks, email and social media.  If Biden wins, he might change the course of political marketing.  If he doesn’t, campaigners may well return to tried-and-true methods.  It’s a risk for […]

Historic PR

Since PR is what you do, this is an historic example of it.  SpaceX completed safely the first commercial flight of astronauts to the space station and to a splashdown off the Florida coast.  SpaceX can now say with authority it is in the manned space business, and it will undertake operations on behalf of […]

Progressive Mendacity

President Trump is a Napoleon-wannabe from the Animal Farm, Orwell’s satirical novel from the 1940s.  His lies are progressive from declaring voting by mail to be rife with fraud to now positing that the election should be delayed until the polls are made secure and fair.  The big lie has a natural evolution to a […]

Poetic Justice

A Texas Congressman who vowed not to wear a mask — and didn’t — has tested positive for COVID-19.  It serves him right but what good is that to thousands of voters who followed his example?  Politicians, whether they like it or not, have a leadership role.  That he refused to wear a mask jeopardized […]

Trial By Fire

Jeff Bezos is getting his moment in the searing light of a Congressional hearing.  For his sake, he better hope he is ready.  Did he do a murder board with staff and lobbyists?  Did he prepare his initial statement carefully with the Congresspersons and the American public in mind?  Executives from the American tobacco and […]

On Notice

No company wants to receive a Wells Notice from the Security and Exchange Commission.  It is a statement of intent to conduct regulatory action against the business.  It is also a major PR and reputational challenge for the organization, and its stock will almost certainly take a hit as it did for Under Armor, the […]

When Will They Learn?

There is a type of executive who believes rules don’t apply to him.  And, it is a he rather than a she. Consider this case.  A president in charge of women’s magazines who degrades women in office situations.  Why hadn’t he been fired long ago?  There is an unspoken rule in such situations.  If a […]

Not True

Joe Biden has an excellent opportunity of becoming President according to the polls, but he does himself no favors when he makes this kind of statement publicly.  Biden helps no one, least of all himself, by stooping to the ad hominem invective of President Trump.  Biden’s PR strategy should be to stick to facts first.  […]


If there is little one can say, fear is a good motivator.  Create a scenario in which people are in peril unless they do something.  Thus, messages about wearing a mask and keeping social distance to prevent COVID-19.  But there is another kind of fear that is ginned up and irresponsible.  Politicians use it regularly.  […]