Monday October 26, 2020


 Tesla is allowing its car owners to beta test its Full Self Driving automation software/hardware.  It’s doing so with a warning that the package might fail at the worst time in the worst way.  This strikes one as inappropriate because drivers will ignore the caution and put their vehicles into harm’s way.  Automakers generally do […]

Et Tu, Papa?

 The pope is setting a bad example by not wearing his mask when dealing with bishops and others.  His critics have pounced.  It is poor leadership they say, and a sin.  The pope has given no reason for why he dispensed with a mask after using one earlier in liturgical services and after applying Italy’s […]


Coca Cola is killing off a “zombie” brand — the diet drink Tab.  Suddenly, fans have erupted from seeming nowhere and are bemoaning the coming death of the beverage on Dec. 31.  The company could ask where they were while Tab slid into obscurity.  One needs to be aware of nostalgia when making a product […]

How Many Times?

 How many times does a public health expert have to repeat the same message before the public listens and obeys?  Dr. Anthony Fauci is finding out.  He has preached about masking, social distancing and hand washing for months and still, millions of Americans refuse to do it.  Hence, the return of COVID-19 with new ferocity.  […]

Maybe Not.

 The World Health Organization has released a study that concludes Remdesivir and anti-malarial drugs are ineffective in treatment of COVID-19.  That comes after politicians and others hailed them as potential cures.  Science can be disappointing but it is better than faux treatments given to suffering patients.  Quackery has never disappeared, and there are even legitimate […]

Bad News, Good News

 The seemingly bad news that two COVID vaccine trials have been put on hold is actually good news, or so say medical experts who do drug development.  They say no trial runs completely smoothly.  There is always a glitch that might be due to a new drug and might not, but a pharma company needs […]

I Didn’t Say It

 Nothing hurts a contention more than one of its supposed proponents disavowing it.  Consider, for example, Dr. Anthony Fauci going public with a statement that his words in a Trump-for-President TV ad were taken out of context.  Fauci has more credibility in matters of the coronavirus than Trump, and Fauci says he never supported the […]


 When computer cloud services become essential, any failure is a sensitive PR issue for the providers.  Consider Microsoft’s cloud service outages for the past week.  Those dependent on the software company can’t do something else while it wrangles its wide area network over changes that have gone bad.  The internet has become central to the […]

The Fight Is On

 Congress is after the big four of tech — Google, Facebook, Amazon and Apple.  A new report of 450 pages proposes to break them up because they have monopoly power.  This means the quartet has no time to lose in explaining to the public and Congress how they are beneficial and a service to society […]

Telling It Like It is

 Boeing released a dour and downbeat report for the sale of new airplanes over the next decade, and it attributes the shortfall to COVID.  The company is telling it like it is to the best of its ability at this juncture of the disease and plummeting passenger travel.  Would that the White House were so […]