Thursday January 23, 2020

Suspect Marketing

Amazon has formed partnerships with police departments to give them access to its Ring video doorbell recordings.  The company considers crime prevention a good marketing strategy.  The problem is that Amazon didn’t make it public that it was doing this, and it didn’t ask householders whether they are willing to cooperate although the police will […]

Intrusive Marketing

Restaurants are beginning to Google customers to learn more about them.  The claim is they can serve their patrons better.  On the other hand, it is intrusive marketing.  Do you want to know that your background is a factor in the attention you get in a fancy restaurant?  One would expect the same level of […]

Smart Marketing And PR

This is smart marketing and PR.  Even drivers with automatic toll payment in their cars would like to know what driving a road will cost.  In fact, they have more of an incentive than those who stop and pay a toll taker because automatic payments are deducted from one’s account without a receipt.  Waze is […]

Curious Marketing

Taco Bell is opening a hotel for a short time that will have its restaurant themes throughout it. While it is creative, it is curious marketing.  What does Taco Bell have to do with rooms?  It is a stretch to say that Mexican food has deep relationships to room service and overnight stays.  And how […]

Marketing Challenge

This photo-story demonstrates the marketing challenge Amtrak faces with long distance trains.  A trip by plane from Orlando to New York City would have been four hours at most.  By train, it was 23.  Even with fast engines and good tracks, the time would have still been more than twice as long than with a […]

Mob Marketing

A French grocery chain learned the hard way about marketing to a mob.  It started a mad rush for Nutella, the chocolate and hazelnut spread.  The riots were caused by a deep discount for the product. Frenchmen lined up at the doors of the grocer then rushed for the bottles.  There was fighting.  There was damage.  […]

Technology And Marketing

Waymo, the Google subsidiary, is proving it has developed a completely self-driving car.  The company has just held a journalist’s field day at its test facility in Central California.  What Waymo hasn’t proven yet is that it can sell the software and hardware necessary for an autonomous vehicle.  Its technology is ahead of the marketing.  […]

Classic Marketing

The family that sold OxyContin to the American public used classic pharmaceutical marketing techniques — medical spokespersons, giveaways, detail men, studies, etc. There was nothing novel about the methods.  That the pills were addictive was de-emphasized in favor of pain management.  In fact, the drug was marketed as non-addictive for some time.  Purdue was able […]

Marketing Strength

Amazon is showing off its marketing strength with Prime Day.  Judging by the results, the company has formidable power.  Few other retailers could pull off the success that Amazon had.  Right now, it stands alone in retail for its ability to create a shopping day that millions take advantage of.  It is Christmas in July, […]

Charity Marketing

This is an interesting take on philanthropic marketing.  It seems photos of poor and starving children and adults are not as effective as pictures of success.  Expressions of hope are more powerful than images of hopelessness.  It seems counterintuitive but data apparently show that people are motivated by the application of money.  There seems to […]