Tuesday April 16, 2024

Change Of Heart?

According to this article, NASA is fighting to save the Hubble space telescope.  If so, it is a change of heart.  NASA publicly wanted to mothball Hubble in favor of a new scope set to be launched soon. If it is fighting hard to save Hubble, it understands the positive PR the scope has produced […]

Historic Change

As this article notes, candidates for public office did not always glad-hand voters and mix with the masses.  In the 19th Century and early 20th, they stayed home and their parties did outreach for them.  This year, in an historic shift, neither parties nor candidates are knocking on doors, passing out flyers, assembling rallies.  COVID-19 […]

The Tide Can Change Quickly

Last January, Microsoft was only too willing to discuss the company’s work with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).  Today, it is downplaying its efforts and removing mentions of ICE from its communications.  The tide turned quickly with the onset of the government’s now-ended practice of separating children from their migrant parents at the border.  Microsoft’s […]

Price Change Reputation Change?

Whole Foods supermarkets, also known as Whole Paycheck because of their high prices, are cutting consumer costs under new ownership.  Amazon, the owner, is seeking an image change for the chain and based on wide news reporting, it just might succeed.  Amazon can afford to cut prices and go for market share.  It can also […]

A Moment’s Change

Vladimir Putin who only yesterday was condemned by Republicans is suddenly gaining popularity among them.  Credit the Trump presidency for the change of heart.  Politics makes for strange bedfellows, the old saw states, and none is odder than this. Putin took Crimea from Ukraine, teamed with the President of Syria to bomb Syrian citizens, hacked […]

Time For A Change

One of the most robust electronics markets has stalled in its growth.  Manufacturers from Apple to lesser known Chinese brands were selling smart phones by the tens of millions with huge jumps each quarter in shipments.  Now that has stopped.  The market is flat.  Everyone who wanted a smart phone has one.  Growth has turned […]

Change And PR

When a company makes a change that affects customers, it should do so with care and communicate often and clearly why it is doing so.  This is why Starbucks shift in its customer awards program might not be going so well.  The company has moved from rewarding frequent customers to rewarding customers who purchase more […]

PR For A Major Culture Change

This is PR for an ongoing,culture change.  Some day, not far into the future, a car will drive itself.  The public is not ready for it — yet.  They need to be by time the first robotic cars reach dealerships.  Major automakers are edging into the technology by providing elements of self-driving without offering the whole package. […]

Change And Inertia

Chief Marketing Officers are complaining that they are supposed to measure everything in marketing but they don’t have tools or authority to do it.  It seems company executives want measurement but they aren’t willing to change behaviors to get it.  Welcome to cultural inertia.  Public relations practitioners are intimately familiar with bone-deep reluctance to adapt to shifting […]

Needs Change In Attitude

America’s farmers are aging out and the young aren’t or can’t follow them.  Land and equipment are too expensive or worse, few want to work as hard as their parents.  If America is to eat, there needs to be a change in attitudes.  Farming today is as much mental work as it is physical.  There is so much […]