Thursday January 21, 2021

Destroying Your Reputation

Cruise lines have come under intense scrutiny since the COVID-19 pandemic started.  It seems their confined spaces are petri dishes for the growth of the virus.  But, as this article notes, at least one major line, Carnival, didn’t handle the outbreak well.  It delayed in informing passengers of the incidence of the disease until its […]

Reputation Threat

Tesla’s autopilot feature lulled a driver into inattention according to the National Transportation Safety Board.  The fellow crashed his vehicle into the back of a fire engine.  This is a reputation crisis for Tesla and for autopilot technology.  The software and hardware packages aren’t ready for general use.  Alphabet’s Waymo subsidiary has barely allowed its vans to […]

Reputation And Taxation

TurboTax is making a name for itself, and it is not good.  According to this article, the company is tricking members of the military service into paying for filing their taxes although it is supposed to be free.  If true, the company deserves a poor reputation.  Why do corporations persist in the internet age in […]

Reputation By Extension

Amazon Air is not owned by Amazon.  It is a subcontracted shipping service.  However, that makes little difference when there are problems with it, such as this crash.  Amazon cannot hide and claim the problem was not its own.  The company has the influence to make sure pilots are paid more and qualified pilots are […]

Scandal And Reputation

The Roman Catholic Church is learning the impact of scandal on the tolerance of believers.  A recent Gallup poll in the US  “found that 37 percent of respondents said ‘recent news about sexual abuse of young people by priests’ has them personally questioning whether to remain Catholic — a 15 point increase since 2002.”  The results were […]

Hit To Reputation

Johnson & Johnson has taken a significant hit to its reputation with the upholding of a $4.7 billion verdict against it for asbestos in its baby powder.  The company has been advertising proclaiming the purity of its talc and recommending that people visit a web site where there are medical and scientific reports backing its […]

Search And Reputation

One might not think search results from an online engine would be injurious to reputation.  Microsoft’s Bing has proved that wrong.  The software produced racist answers for words like “Jew”, “Muslim”, and “black people.”   Microsoft acknowledged that it needs to work on the responses and refine its algorithms but the damage was done. It seems […]

Reputation At Risk

Amtrak has put its reputation at risk based on the number of accidents it has had recently.  Some were not its fault — hitting a garbage truck on the tracks that didn’t belong there.  Others are due to maintenance and human failure.  At least one was egregious.  Train travel is supposed to be safe.  The […]

Nails In Reputation

This and this have led to this.  President Trump’s unfeeling deportation of long-time Americans and his flagrant ignoring of the meaning of special days have among too-numerous-to-tell other outrages led to a slumping reputation.  One would think he would be worried about it, but he doesn’t seem to be.  He basks in the love of a minority […]

Lost Reputation

When one loses his reputation, people abandon him — even if he is on the cusp of victory.  That is the case here.  Five women have now come forward and claimed that Roy Moore, the Republican Senate candidate from Alabama, had molested them as teenagers.  Moore is refusing to leave the race even though Republican […]