Thursday June 13, 2024

Why Transparency Matters

 Gov. Cuomo of New York is under fire for falsifying the number of COVID deaths in the state’s nursing homes.  This comes after months of daily public briefings during which he seemed to command facts and events of the disease.  He provided an illusion of transparency while covering up real data.  The result is a […]

False Transparency

To foster competition among hospitals the Federal government mandated that they post their prices online where patients can compare procedures.  Hospitals haven’t done that, however.  They’ve put up interminable spreadsheets of individual charges that are so complex no one can understand them.  Some put up their “chargemaster” files which give everything a hospital can possibly […]

Transparency – Sooner Or Later

One wonders whether government officials understand transparency.  They try to hide intents only to have them discovered through the Freedom of Information Act.  That is what happened to EPA administrator, Scott Pruitt.  He tried to bamboozle the media by restricting public appearances and orchestrating events for the reason of security.  Some 10,000 e-mails disgorged through […]

Dark Transparency

In bygone days of tobacco litigation, lawyers for the companies would dump a million records onto plaintiff lawyers doing discovery.  The tactic worked for a long time because law firms had neither the time nor the money to plow through hundreds of boxes of paper.  Call the tactic dark transparency.  One could claim to the […]

Transparency And Science

The core of scientific understanding is the ability to reproduce an experiment.  If it can be done again and arrive at the same result, then the hypothesis is correct.  The problem with modern science is that many reproduced experiments aren’t coming up with the same results.  In fact, two-thirds fail.  This lack of transparency is […]

Banking On Transparency

This former Fox news anchor is hoping to get her sexual harassment case tried in public.The titillation and revelations are sure to embarrass Fox and its chief, Roger Ailes and could cost Ailes’ job.  Transparency works on her side of the case, as I’m sure her attorney has told her.  Whether or not she settles […]

Unsuccessful Transparency

When an organization doesn’t know what to do, transparency in its actions can harm rather than help.  It becomes clear to observers that the entity is drifting on strange seas.  Such may be the case for the Federal Reserve.  There are claims that it doesn’t know how to handle inflation and is clueless on the […]

Pay Transparency

The Federal Government and corporate CEOs are in a stand-off over pay transparency — i.e. the use of a ratio to determine how much more a CEO is paid than the median income of employees.  The government wants to highlight how much more CEOs earn than workers.  Its reasoning is that inequity in pay will […]

Transparency, Transparency, Transparency

What will it take for companies to understand they can no longer be phony?  Here is yet another case of a corporation fake blogging about its products.  The person who outed them went to some length to discover what is going on, but one should expect that.  The web has millions of detectives eager to […]


This is interesting.  Amazon has boasted about its Kindle sales for a long time but it has never revealed the number of units sold.  From a PR point of view that is an unpardonable lapse in transparency. From Amazon’s point of view, it appears to be a competitive strategy.  Amazon doesn’t want Apple or anyone else […]