Gov. Cuomo of New York is under fire for falsifying the number of COVID deaths in the state’s nursing homes.  This comes after months of daily public briefings during which he seemed to command facts and events of the disease.  He provided an illusion of transparency while covering up real data.  The result is a PR crisis for the politician that is deserved.  Of all people, he should have known better.  He was using his public exposure as a way to leverage his power and now it has turned to ashes.  All because he fudged a critical number.  When will leaders understand that in the internet age, lying is nearly impossible without being caught out?  Former President Trump lived for the big lie during his term in office and had millions believing him but the majority of the country did not and he was voted out.  That was because each one of his fibs was documented in the media, and any neutral observer could understand the discrepancy.  Cuomo got away with his lie for months but not forever.  Now he pays the price. 

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