In a quest for power, decency, ethics and morality often take second place.  Whether a CEO or politician, the desire to be in control can bend one’s thinking and action.  Consider Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina.  He went from a Trump enemy to a fawning disciple who stands by the former president because Trump controls millions of Republican votes.  There were no pricks of conscience to hold him back from trumpeting the former President’s lies and misinformation.  Power is everything and all and pragmatism the order of the day.  Perhaps it is too much to ask of leaders to remain humble when retainers bow and scrape.  If the one in charge forgets what the citizen is thinking and feeling, there is a rupture in relations as we see in Myanmar where crowds have taken to the streets to protest generals who staged a coup.  One role of PR is to keep senior leadership in touch with the public.  PR is corrupted when it becomes nothing more than a megaphone for the top rather than a mediator for the inside and outside of an organization.  

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