Thursday April 15, 2021

NASA Publicity

 NASA has always been a savvy and creative agency of publicity.  Its primary mission in the 1960s and early 1970s was to reach the moon, a built-in publicity machine that turned into enduring PR when it brought the feat off.  It turns out more was happening on the space trips that is receiving attention now […]

Power Of Publicity

 Captain Sir Tom Moore, the 100-year-old British activist, set out to complete laps in his garden with his walker in order to raise money for COVID relief.  His goal was 1,000 pounds.  But when his venture received publicity, he raised a total of 39 million pounds.  Sir Moore died ironically of COVID and has been […]

Publicity Or PR?

 Several major pharma companies are planning to publish a pledge that they will not release COVID vaccines unless they are proved scientifically potent and safe.  Only time will tell whether this is publicity or PR.  If publicity, they will bend to political pressure and say their vaccines are safe and effective.  If PR, they will […]

Clever Publicity

The Getty Museum in Los Angeles is engaged in clever publicity that is relieving the boredom of those forced to stay home during this time of COVID-19.  The museum posted a challenge with three simple steps.  Choose your favorite piece of art.  Find three things around your house.  Recreate the artwork with these objects.  The […]

Publicity And Facts

Christina Koch has just set a record for the longest time a woman has spent in space.  NASA is using it for publicity.  But should it?  We know now that lack of gravity has effects on the body, not all of them good.  Koch surely will have trouble when she returns to earth.  Her muscles […]

When Publicity Hurts

Since ancient times, publicizing the names of mass murderers and other evil-doers has been a problem.  It stimulates others to do dark deeds.  The phenomenon is called social contagion by the scientific community, and it has been a work in America.  Mass shooters have become more common.  They are aping one another in seeing their […]

Absurd But Great Publicity

The Bugatti Chiron has just smashed the 300 mph barrier.  The engineers who built the prototype have something to boast about but the project was absurd.  Not even Formula One racers go that fast.  The company can claim that its multi-million dollar vehicle is a true sports car, but who can afford one except those […]

Political Publicity

Presidential candidates and their minders are quick to pick up on any medium that gets their names out to voters.  Now they are concentrating on podcasts and YouTube shows, media that barely registered in the last election.  There is a good reason for doing so.  They reach more young voters than any other type of […]

Priceless Publicity

Porsche has always been a master of publicity and this is no different.  It let an auto journalist test its new EV over and over in fast acceleration. Not surprisingly, the vehicle performed extraordinarily well, launching time after time from 0 to 220 Kilometers per hour.  In other words, the car is pure Porsche.  It meets […]

Smart Publicity

Young Russians have no memory or understanding of the notorious Gulags that incarcerated 20 million people under Stalin.  The Gulag History Museum set out to change that.  Rather than writing history targeted to youth, it chose the graphic novel to tell survivors’ stories.  This is smart publicity — reaching an audience through familiar and universal visual media.  […]