Monday September 16, 2019

Absurd But Great Publicity

The Bugatti Chiron has just smashed the 300 mph barrier.  The engineers who built the prototype have something to boast about but the project was absurd.  Not even Formula One racers go that fast.  The company can claim that its multi-million dollar vehicle is a true sports car, but who can afford one except those […]

Political Publicity

Presidential candidates and their minders are quick to pick up on any medium that gets their names out to voters.  Now they are concentrating on podcasts and YouTube shows, media that barely registered in the last election.  There is a good reason for doing so.  They reach more young voters than any other type of […]

Priceless Publicity

Porsche has always been a master of publicity and this is no different.  It let an auto journalist test its new EV over and over in fast acceleration. Not surprisingly, the vehicle performed extraordinarily well, launching time after time from 0 to 220 Kilometers per hour.  In other words, the car is pure Porsche.  It meets […]

Smart Publicity

Young Russians have no memory or understanding of the notorious Gulags that incarcerated 20 million people under Stalin.  The Gulag History Museum set out to change that.  Rather than writing history targeted to youth, it chose the graphic novel to tell survivors’ stories.  This is smart publicity — reaching an audience through familiar and universal visual media.  […]

Too Much Publicity

There are situations in which too much publicity works against an organization.  This is one.  Amazon has apparently decided against one city for its second headquarters and is now considering two.  This knocks the efforts 20 cities have made to gain 50,000 jobs the company has promised.  It’s not that Amazon has been publicizing its […]

Publicity Annuity

The best publicity stunts can be renewed year after year and reliably spark press coverage. That is why this annual stunt is in a class by itself.  Neiman Marcus decades ago sought to set itself apart as the retailer to the wealthy so it dreamed up an annual gift list for those with unlimited disposable […]

Limits Of Publicity

Bump stocks, devices that turn semi-automatic rifles into machine guns, gained a horrid name in the Las Vegas massacre a year ago.  There is no excuse for them and they should have been federally banned.  A year later, they are still being sold in 40 states and there doesn’t appear to be a movement to […]

Welcome Publicity

A Tesla semi truck is making its way across country alone without escorts or backup chargers.  This is welcome news for the company, which has been receiving blows lately, especially for its ill-starred production of the Model 3 sedan.  Elon Musk has been on the edge of losing control.  He has been doing too much […]

Publicity Stunt With A Purpose

IBM is a master of the publicity stunt to demonstrate capabilities of its hardware and software.  Here is the latest effort.  Apparently, the machine held its own against debate champions in an argument over “whether whether space exploration should be subsidized, and whether we should increase the use of telemedicine.”  The stunt was designed to gain […]

Plane Publicity

NASA has always been adept in generating publicity for itself and its activities.  Ever since the beginning of the space age, it has found ways to generate headlines.  Here is the most recent example.  Should its new plane prove to be as quiet as planned, it still won’t guarantee that plane manufacturers will build the […]