Monday September 16, 2019

Tough Customer Relations

What could be worse than to be on the receiving end of a customer Twitter stream in a faltering organization?  That is the fate of customer relations representatives who serve the New York City subways and its decrepit system.  They are in a no-win situation.  The subways are decades past upgrading their signals.  Stations are […]

Tough Sledding

If you are Huawei, how do you persuade the US government to use your telecommunications equipment?  The FBI, NSA and CIA have all cautioned Americans not to use its phones because of a chance of espionage.  Huawei is successful throughout the world but not in America because of security fears.  It has tried time and […]

Tough PR Challenge

Republicans are facing a difficult 2018 election given President Trump’s low poll numbers.  Their task is even tougher given the number of Congressmen leaving office.  Thus far, nine chairs of House committees have said they are not going to run again.  It is expected that Republicans will lose the Senate where their margin is one […]

Tough Position

The Pope has not ducked controversy, and in his current visit to South America, he was a target again.  This time it was for appointment of a bishop whom lay Catholics claim shielded a clerical child abuser.  Rather than back down, Pope Francis called for proof that the bishop was negligent.  That was daring in that […]

2017 – A Tough Year?

Many were glad 2016  ended.  It was a difficult year with notable deaths and a shocking result of the presidential elections.  2017 isn’t offering much in the way of promise.  For one, the presidential inauguration is days away, and we will have a new leader who must choose between acting the buffoon or behaving responsibly. […]

Tough Task

How do you regain your credibility once you have lost it?  It is harder than one might think, particularly if you were in the public’s eye as CEO of a standout company.  This is the tough task that the CEO of Theranos has taken on.  She was the toast of the media until stories appeared […]

Tough PR

It is difficult, if not impossible, to maintain positive public relations when a CEO is rumored to be leaving a sinking ship.  This is the situation that Marissa Mayer of Yahoo finds herself in.  Key executives have already departed, morale is low and Mayer seems to be out of ideas for turning the ailing company […]

Tough Assignment

If you are a Republican, how do you recruit racial and ethnic minorities?  It’s a tough assignment measured in ones and twos and not groups of voters switching party allegiance.  It requires the recruiter to ask fellow minorities to forget the Party’s traditional aversion to blacks and immigrants.  What is the argument that Republicans can […]

Tough Call

Either Bayer spent $2.5 billion developing a cancer drug — or it didn’t, and the company is using fraudulent accounting to protect itself.  Who do you believe?  Bayer or the Indian government that wants to force the drug to be licensed in the country at a far lower cost than the $70,000 annual charge for […]

Tough Choice

The online advertising industry is facing a tough choice after Microsoft’s announcement that the newest edition of its browser will implement “Do Not Track” by default.  What does the industry do? Fight it and look like an ogre invading privacy?  Go along with the decision and watch analytics go out the window?  The future of the […]