Republicans are facing a difficult 2018 election given President Trump’s low poll numbers.  Their task is even tougher given the number of Congressmen leaving office.  Thus far, nine chairs of House committees have said they are not going to run again.  It is expected that Republicans will lose the Senate where their margin is one vote.  Now they have to contend with losing the House as well.  It’s a difficult PR challenge for the Elephant Party to turn the tide of opinion in just eight months.  It is impossible to show a unified face.  Division within the ranks is too deep.  Democrats can scarcely contain their glee over troubles facing their opponent.  They are hustling candidates to take on swing districts, and they are counting potential votes.  Republicans, meanwhile, as the party in power are struggling to produce legislation they can point to in their districts.  There has been little except the tax law.  What will Congressmen say to constituents to convince them to vote Republican again.  It will be interesting to watch. 

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