This scientist wrote that the universe has no meaning beyond itself.  It is pointless and there is no deity behind its creation.  You can imagine what believers think.  They have argued with him from the moment he penned the statement.  Yet, how do you communicate the existence of a God in a world where everything emanated from a Big Bang and continues according to natural laws that need no divinity?  It is not easy, especially since science has become a secular endeavor.  Belief is personal and stems from a need for justice in a world where there is little.  The rich get richer and the poor die young.  The innocent are accused and self-interest is the rule.  It’s too harsh of a world for believers to accept, so, according to scientists, they invent a deity who makes things right before and after death.  The scientist’s view is bleak and without hope.  Religion refuses to accept it.  The two sides talk past one another and leave people confused.  

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