Tuesday May 28, 2024

Making It Real

The House panel investigating the Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol started off with testimony from four police officers who were assaulted by the mob that day.  Testimony was harrowing and brought the ugly incident to life. This was intentional by the Congressional investigators.  They want to communicate to American citizens not to forget what […]

Crisis Of His Own Making, Part 2

As if Trump’s border difficulties aren’t enough of bad PR, he is doubling down on Chinese tariffs in another public relations and economic blunder.  As noted yesterday, the Trump Administration will long serve as case studies in maladroit public relations and governance.  Both his critics and his supporters are left wondering from day to day […]

Crisis Of His Own Making

President Trump has stepped into another PR crisis of his own making.  This time it is the separation of families at the border.  Trump claims it is a Democratic law and the Democrats should change it.  Impartial observers say the prior law has nothing to do with splitting children away from parents.  Condemnation of the […]

Making A Statement

This is one way to make a statement about the environment.  Amazon.com has spent millions building three spheres in which hundreds of plants are growing.  Spread throughout the jungle are meeting venues for employees and work pods.  The company is demonstrating through its investment both its concern for employees and nature.  A cynic might say […]

Making Up The Facts

If there is one salient feature of Trump’s campaign for president, it is his and his people’s tendency to make up facts.  We’re used to politicians lying.  It comes with the occupation, but Trump’s claims are breathtaking.  In the face of hundreds of reports, he will assert that he didn’t do or believe something.  That is the case with […]

Crisis In The Making?

Just as liberalization laws are passing to allow people to smoke marijuana, scientific studies are indicating that some types might be harmful to the brain.  They are cannabis crossbred to produce higher levels of THC, the chemical that causes euphoric effects.  However, science is a step behind the law.  There is no clear link yet between THC […]

Making It Up?

Politicians are already on the low side of the honesty scale, but one wonders if they are allowed to make up quotations that people never said.  Consider this case.  Apparently our founding fathers never wrote some of things attributed to them by book author and politician, Rand Paul.  Or, at least, quotes are misinterpretations of […]

Making The Case

Military and political experts are making a public case for the need to destroy the Islamic group ISIS.  It is similar to the public opinion effort President Bush made against Saddam Hussein and his control of Iraq.  Much the same circumstances apply.  ISIS has performed outrageous acts of brutality.  The group is steeped in blood […]

PR Crisis In The Making

Here is an example of a PR crisis in the making unless airlines work hard to prevent it.  The idea that pilots never learn how to fly their highly automated planes makes sense.  Most of us learn to trust the output of machinery without learning what is in it.  Consider, for example, a car.  How many have an […]

Making The Media Angry

According to this article, the media are fed up with the 2012 campaign.  That raises a question.  If you anger those who are supposed to cover you, what kind of coverage can you expect from them?   Or, do political reporters not matter anymore because candidates have so many other media outlets to exploit?  One […]