Thursday June 13, 2024

Interesting Media Strategy

White House communications strategists have hit upon an interesting media strategy.  Use the President sparsely.  He is trotted out now and again for media questions but for the most part, he is away from the press.  He is relying on cabinet members to meet and talk to journalists.  This is the exact opposite of President […]

An Interesting PR Problem

What do you do when your founder considers a run for President over loud opposition?  This is the position Starbucks finds itself in.  Howard Schultz is publicly noodling whether to run as an independent for the White House, and Democrats are terrified he will split the ranks and give another four years to Trump.  They […]

Interesting Proposal

The UK’s Labour Party is proposing that as much as 10 percent of companies’ shares be set aside for employee ownership and as many as a third of board seats be reserved for employee directors.  The British chambers of commerce predictably opposed the plan.  The idea, however, is interesting.  It has been widely discussed that […]

Interesting PR Challenge

How do you sell an island that was the national quarantine center for infectious animal diseases?  Carefully, very carefully.  Can you imagine a householder paying a large sum to buy two acres and a sumptuous house on land where one is never quite sure if another virus or microbe outbreak might occur?  All the assurances […]

Interesting Tools And Learning Games

The 2012 election has spawned interesting voter tools and learning games that show how news publishers  are adapting to the internet.  Here is a list worth reviewing.  These applications are more than publicity for the media.  They are good public relations as well.  The news media have forged new paths in the production and dissemination […]

Interesting Strategy

This article discusses the Associated Press’ social media strategy.  The first point that comes through is that one size doesn’t fit all.  The AP uses several distinct strategies depending on the audience it is addressing, and it narrows those even further.  Because the AP is a breaking news service, it doesn’t let Tweets get ahead […]

Interesting Excuse

Clothing chain Esprit has given a novel excuse for poor financial performance.  The chain says that “it lost its soul.”  In other words, it expanded too fast and started to neglect customers.  Now it is retrenching and trying to become trendy again.  Good luck.  It is hard for a clothing retailer to recover its customers […]

Interesting Decision

This is interesting.  A National Labor Relations Board judge has ruled that employees cannot be fired if they use off duty time to gripe about their jobs on Facebook.  This poses an interesting PR challenge.  Envision dozens of employees bashing a firm where millions can read about it.  In other words, internal communications and listening are more […]

Interesting Study

This study is an experiment that shows it takes only 10 percent of people holding an idea firmly to sway the majority.   The concept is not new to PR practitioners who have long worked with influentials but the percentage may be.  It provides a more accurate guideline for the objective of changing opinion.  However, […]

Interesting Argument

Here is an interesting argument — the Democrats own the economy and should be proud of its success.  It is doubtful that too many citizens and politicians would be so forward about the state of the nation.  In fact, President Obama’s vulnerability in next year’s election is precisely because he hasn’t been able to create […]