White House communications strategists have hit upon an interesting media strategy.  Use the President sparsely.  He is trotted out now and again for media questions but for the most part, he is away from the press.  He is relying on cabinet members to meet and talk to journalists.  This is the exact opposite of President Trump’s all media all the time approach, which caused outrage regularly.  Why keep Biden in the Oval Office?  It shows the American public he is working, and silence is golden.  This is a risky approach admittedly.  Citizens want to hear from their leaders.  Biden’s media advisers are also protecting him from himself.  Biden is a noted gaffe-machine who misspeaks regularly.  It saves time in walking back his remarks by not letting him make them in the first place.  The nation doesn’t need another liar-in-chief.  The question remains whether the absence of the President will work.  Time will tell.  

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