Thursday June 13, 2024

We’re Doing Great, but for…

Credit Suisse has issued a report on its earnings that invites whiplash. The bank has lost hundreds of millions due to the collapse of the Archegos’ hedge fund.  Yet the CEO said this was “one of our best quarters in the history of Credit Suisse. Definitely the best quarter in the last 10 years.”  He was trying […]

Absurd But Great Publicity

The Bugatti Chiron has just smashed the 300 mph barrier.  The engineers who built the prototype have something to boast about but the project was absurd.  Not even Formula One racers go that fast.  The company can claim that its multi-million dollar vehicle is a true sports car, but who can afford one except those […]

Great Story: No Product

This article is proof that PR is what you do and not what you say.  The company had a great story about making a drone that anyone could use.  It collected millions in advance orders.  It wasn’t able to make the product so it shut down and left tens of thousands of potential customers in […]

Great Science Publicity

The detection of gravity waves — a first for mankind — has also produced some great science publicity such as this.  The producer of the video has taken a complex topic and boiled it to its essentials to facilitate understanding.  The complexity lies in the building of the two machines in the first place. Every source of […]

Great Marketing PR

Wal-Mart has won multiple marketing objectives with one stroke of genius.  For the under-banked in our society, many of whom are Wal-mart customers, the chain is offering tax refunds in cash at its stores.  One can go to the store, get taxes done and receive refund without a check or direct deposit, neither of which […]

Great Stunt

Everyone knows by now that no one won the NCAA basketball bracket contest for a billion dollars.  That doesn’t make the contest a failure.  It gained huge publicity for the company putting up the prize — Quicken Loans — and for the company insuring the reward, headed by Warren Buffett.  It was clear from the beginning that […]

Great Idea, If… is putting live video of its technicians on screen for users of its Kindle Fire HDX.  This is a great PR idea if…  if it works.  The hardware part of the challenge is simple.  The people part of the equation is where Amazon’s challenge lies.  How long will a frustrated user have to wait […]

Great PR, Great Publicity

This almost certainly has been around the internet.  I’m late tipping to it.  It’s an example of great publicity and PR joined in a single action — making water from the air on a signboard in a desert.  One wonders who came up with the idea and who made it real.  The design was a […]

Great PR, Again

Here is an example of great PR and a community service at the same time.  Once again, it is from Google.   Why do I cite them so often?  Because the firm does neat stuff repeatedly.  It seems to be in the genes of Google to tackle interesting projects in new and different ways and […]

Great PR

This is great PR.  Google proves time and again that it is not what one says about oneself so much as what one does.  The company makes mistakes but on balance it has led the way in providing needed but unfunded service to internet users.  It must be wonderful to work in the corporate communications […]