Saturday May 25, 2019

Perfect Is Not Good Enough

There are times when perfection in the business world is not good enough.  Here is a case.  In the dicey world of rocket launches, United Launch Alliance has had 106 perfect missions in a row.  But, that is not enough.  Newer, cheaper rockets are on the scene and they are starting to make headway against […]

When PR Is Not Enough

Google Books started out as a generous and innovative idea.  Google wanted to scan all of the books in the world and make them available online.  Then, it ran afoul of authors and publishers who didn’t want their works made available free when there was still a chance of remuneration.  Since then, Google Books has […]

Not Nearly Enough

Google is finally giving up on force-feeding Google+ to users of its search and YouTube services.  It is facing the fact that it has not nearly enough members and probably never will.  For a company that has been wildly successful with its search engine and algorithms, it might be embarrassing to admit it doesn’t know […]

Not Enough

Twitter’s CEO is looking for a job after failing to turn the social medium into a profitable communications service.  The wonder is why.  Twitter has hundreds of millions of users and visitors.  It is a darling of traditional media who tweet daily about what they are reporting and carry on discussions with readers.  It is […]

Is Sorry Enough?

Target’s CFO told the Senate Judiciary Committee that Target was deeply sorry so many of its customers were hacked.  Is that enough?  Not nearly.  Target along with every other retailer must take steps to make sure such a massive breach doesn’t happen again.  Consumers barely tolerate invasion of their personal financial data, and they don’t […]

Is It Enough?

Along with management changes, Yahoo debuted a new web page design.  It is cleaner and more inviting but is it enough?  Among the challenges of public relations is loss of attention.  Yahoo’s day has come and maybe, gone forever.  It is hard to get consumers to look again once they have moved on.  In that […]

Good Enough?

Microsoft is coming out with Office 15 that has significant improvements in features, functions and benefits.  This might be a time to ask whether one really needs it and to wonder what Microsoft can say to get people to trade in their older models of Office.  There comes a time when additions to software outstrip […]

Reputation Is Not Enough

AT&T is learning that reputation is not enough to sway the government when it comes to a merger. The Justice Department sued yesterday to block its takeover of T-Mobile.  This happened in spite of the promise by AT&T to repatriate call center jobs to the US and its argument that competition in the field will […]

Enough To Change A Reputation?

Long-distance bicycling (the Tour de France) has long been tainted.  Riders have taken every kind of performance enhancing drug or potion available.  That is why the success of this team is important to the future of the sport.   The team wants to prove that one can win on the basis of athletic prowess alone.  And, […]

Book Review: Out of many, not enough

Harold Burson’s 2004 memoir E Pluribus Unum – The Making of Burson Marsteller was my second book of 2011 and to be honest I was looking forward to starting it.  Mr. Burson is one of the few giants of the Public Relations business.  In 1953 with Bill Marsteller he started Burson-Marsteller and drove its growth […]