Google is finally giving up on force-feeding Google+ to users of its search and YouTube services.  It is facing the fact that it has not nearly enough members and probably never will.  For a company that has been wildly successful with its search engine and algorithms, it might be embarrassing to admit it doesn’t know how to engage people.   Facebook has led the way in person-to-person connection and has both scale and ease of use.  The best Google+ can do is to chip away at Facebook’s leadership in the hope that its modest service can appeal to segments of the market.  Google+ should be a case study.  The problem with it seems to be that it never offered enough differentiation in service that users wanted and couldn’t do without.  It was a resounding me-too.  Facebook had the advantage and took it, never looking back.  It should be a lesson to PR practitioners.  Fast and flexible movers can stave off competition just as Google has done in the search business.

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