Thursday January 23, 2020

A Challenge

What kind of marketing and PR do you need when your customers are moving away from you?  This is the challenge facing cable companies.  Millions are cutting the cord to cable TV.  Industry executives continue to say it is not a problem, but at some point they will need to face the issue.  There are […]

Marketing Challenge

This photo-story demonstrates the marketing challenge Amtrak faces with long distance trains.  A trip by plane from Orlando to New York City would have been four hours at most.  By train, it was 23.  Even with fast engines and good tracks, the time would have still been more than twice as long than with a […]

Addressing A Challenge

Kaspersky Lab has been dogged with the suspicion that it is in cahoots with the Russian government and helping implant malware throughout the internet.  Denials have done no good.  Now the company is taking steps to move some of its core processes to Switzerland, far away from Moscow.  That, plus a new transparency institute funded […]

Tough PR Challenge

Republicans are facing a difficult 2018 election given President Trump’s low poll numbers.  Their task is even tougher given the number of Congressmen leaving office.  Thus far, nine chairs of House committees have said they are not going to run again.  It is expected that Republicans will lose the Senate where their margin is one […]

Food Challenge

McDonald’s restaurants have a problem.  People don’t think the chain’s burgers and fries are healthy.  This is a PR opportunity for the company to show where its ingredients originate and how they are handled from farm to store.  And, McDonald’s is doing that but it might not be enough.  Nutritionists have condemned a burger-fry diet […]


The mayor of New York is facing a PR challenge — getting along with his police force.  It isn’t happening now.  There is no guarantee of accommodation in the future.  The head of the policeman’s union is openly criticizing the mayor and shows no sign of backing off.  The death of two policemen, ambushed in […]

Stiff Challenge

Apple debuted its version of mobile payment on Tuesday.  Already, skeptics are weighing in on the cloudy future for the technology.  The reason for doubts is one that held back other systems from success — conservatism on the part of retailers and consumers.  So far, there hasn’t been a clear advantage to waving the mobile […]

A Scientific Challenge And PR Nightmare

The supplements industry, the folks that make vitamins, is facing a scientific challenge.  One study after another reveals that vitamins have no effect on chronic diseases and heart attacks.  The industry has always skated on the edge of medical acceptance, but now researchers are against it and calling multivitamins a waste of money.  Thus far, […]

Interesting PR Challenge

How do you sell an island that was the national quarantine center for infectious animal diseases?  Carefully, very carefully.  Can you imagine a householder paying a large sum to buy two acres and a sumptuous house on land where one is never quite sure if another virus or microbe outbreak might occur?  All the assurances […]

PR Challenge Of The Future

The driver-less car is ready for the road.  Are citizens ready for the driver-less car?  More importantly, are governments and regulatory authorities prepared to vet and license robot vehicles for sale and use?   There is little doubt that the technology has arrived and the PR challenge will be to gain acceptance for it.  Some […]