What kind of marketing and PR do you need when your customers are moving away from you?  This is the challenge facing cable companies.  Millions are cutting the cord to cable TV.  Industry executives continue to say it is not a problem, but at some point they will need to face the issue.  There are too many entertainment, news and sports services out there now, and price-conscious consumers can pick and choose among them.  It might help if cable cut its rates and unbundled its channels, but it could be too late for that.  What remains for the cable giants is internet service.  Customers are dumping TV channels but not broadband delivery.  Rather than building on that, cable companies are taking a punitive approach.  They charge more for broadband if one doesn’t take TV channels with it. It’s a monopoly move and ultimately will attract regulators’ interest.  Cable companies need a better solution, and so far they haven’t found one.

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