Thursday June 13, 2024

Public Interest Publicity

The US Surgeon General is asking Americans to combat misinformation about COVID shots.  He says errors and lies about the vaccination and virus are a critical danger to citizens. His call is a recognition that health authorities have gone as far as they can to persuade reluctant individuals to get the jab.  Now it is […]

The Public Speaks

In marketing and PR listening to the public is one of the most important steps, especially when they close their wallets.  Here is a case in which an industry outstripped demand and is facing an inevitable downturn.  Home builders need to construct affordable housing and they haven’t done so.  Householders need to moderate greed when selling […]

Public Insulation

President-elect Donald Trump wants to slash the F-35 fighter program because its cost over-runs were out of control.  Chances are he won’t succeed even though the fighters cost $100 million each.  Why?  Because Lockheed Martin, the builder of the aircraft, has carefully spread work across many Congressional districts and insulated itself from public criticism.  No […]

The Public In PR

Public relations recognizes that the public decides on the reputation and validity of individuals and businesses.  That is why this failed experiment was an act of public relations.  Joe’s Crab Shack tried to do away with tipping but the public would not go along. The reason for the failure is partially due to a mistrust […]

Power And The Public

Power corrupts when it is not checked.  Absolute power is dangerous to the public as well as the state.  That is why this person’s pursuit of total control is harmful to China.  He has stopped listening to the people and pursued a one-way relationship with the media fawning over his decisions and too frightened to […]

Public Relations Or Spin

Thirty four Muslim nations have formed a coalition to fight ISIS.  The question remains open whether it is a serious effort or spin.  It will be public relations if the coalition acts to destroy ISIS.  It will be spin if it doesn’t.  PR is what one does and not what one says.  Action needn’t be dropping bombs […]

A Master Of Public Relations

This fellow was a master of public relations.  He knew what his customers wanted and he maintained a guarantee of satisfaction that built the company to what it is today.  That L.L. Bean is a household name with an aura of quality is directly due to him.  He should be placed in the pantheon of executives […]

Hiding In Public

If you read the Chinese Communist Party newspaper, there is no crisis in the stock markets there.  There is no denial in print.  Rather, there is nothing at all.  This is hiding in public.  A few dictatorships and oligarchies can get away with this kind of sham but it is impossible in democratic countries with […]

Hearing The Public At Last

The US Olympic Committee (USOC) had hoped to steamroll Boston’s bid for the 2024 Summer Olympics.  Bostonians had other ideas and USOC heard the public at last.  Boston has now been dropped as the official bid for the games.  Call this public relations in reverse.  The public made known its opposition to the games and […]

Public Education

The Federal Aviation Commission has set a huge PR task for itself in its announcement that it would educate the public about the use of drones.  Most drones are the size of model airplanes.  The difference is that they can hover and move in ways a model airplane can’t.  The FAA is likely to face […]