Tuesday May 28, 2024

Public Shaming

The US government is trying public shaming to control business behavior, especially on Wall Street.  It is too early to know whether it will work, or even if it is fair.  The present victim of the regulatory stockade is JPMorgan, which can’t apologize enough for its rogue trader, dubbed the London Whale.  Jamie Dimon, the […]

Strategic Public Relations’ Book Giveaway

After spending Labor Day Weekend purging, I have some books to give away. Some are older than others. But, as you’ll see in the list below, they cover social media, public relations, branding, marketing and business topics. All of them are still relevant to one degree or another. If I did a blog post/book report, […]

Playing To His Public

Julian Assange, creator of Wikileaks, is playing to his public.  He might be effective in lecturing to them, but so far, he hasn’t convinced British authorities.  It looks as if he will be staying for a long while in a small room of the Ecuador Embassy.  He apparently sees himself as a martyr for freedom […]

Hands up… all is not well in the world of Public Relations

Earlier this week Forrester analyst Josh Bernoff published a plea to PR professionals to take a stand against unprofessional practices. Compared to many previous rants on this issue and the shoddy practices we’re all aware of, his plea is rational and completely fair. If you work in Public Relations, then you should passionately care about […]

One Public

Dictatorships are easy by comparison to democracies.  There is one public to satisfy — the military.  The strongman who keeps the generals happy maintains control.  At least that is the way it appears to be happening in North Korea.  On the other hand, the day that generals decide upon a coup, a dictator can fall […]