Monday September 16, 2019

The Future Hurts

Who would think that speech to text software would run afoul of copyright law?  This is a legal battle Amazon is facing.  Its new Captions feature translates audio to text and lets readers follow the written word while hearing it.  The software is intended for students in public school settings.  Publishers will have none of […]

Future Crisis?

There are times when a short-term fix generates long-term problems and this might be one.  To solve a housing shortage in Los Angeles County, the board of supervisors has approved a vast development on raw land.  The problem?  It is wildfire country and Los Angeles and its environs are particularly susceptible to conflagration.  The county […]

Future PR Crisis?

Pharmaceutical companies are going to Third World countries to test drugs.  Part of their protocol is to infect volunteers with a disease then test treatments on them.  So far, there have been no complaints from those who have been experimented on, and companies have been careful to explain to potential subjects the risks and rewards. […]

Always In The Future

The media have a bias of a kind.  That is heralding the imminent arrival of the flying car.  Reporters lap up hype from developers and publish again and again about the evanescent vehicles fated always to be in the future.  Not only is the technology of a fly-drive machine difficult, but if an inventor is […]

A Future Technology?

Three D movies and broadcasting always seems to be a future technology.  The industry tried again last year to sell 3D TV sets but once again failed in the attempt.  Although some movies are coming out in 3D, the movie industry has not adopted it on a major scale.  There are reasons why.  People don’t […]

PR And No Future

How do you motivate employees when your company has no future?  This is the task facing Takata, the manufacturer of millions of faulty air bags.  Takata is now working for consumers who need replacement parts.  It is not selling many air bags for new installs.  There is a strong possibility that the company will go […]

Predicting The Future

As this shows, even the best analysts have trouble predicting the future.  There is no guideline for wearable technology.  Apple is not the first to market with a software watch, but it is the first to put the heft of a major brand behind the product.  Even so, analysts can’t figure out how many people will want to spend hundreds to thousands […]

The Future Is Here

PR practitioners have a new set of challenges for 2014 — the practical use of wearable computers.  As this article indicates, the future is here.  More people will start wearing computer-based watches, eyeglasses and other accessories during the coming year.  What does this portend for communications?  It is not clear now other than we know […]

Speech Coach Of The Future

Among the many aspects of life that have been automated, put speech coaching into the mix.  The Massachusetts Institute of Technology has developed software that gives practical hints to budding orators.  Those of us who teach speaking might find this worrisome, but we shouldn’t be.  Automation can be a valuable assistant to helping people overcome […]

The Future Of PR – Diversity

For the first time in a century or more, more white Americans have died than have been born, and in the next 30 years, people of European origin will become a minority in the US.    That is something to celebrate and to prepare for.  It should make no difference to an American what the ethnic origin […]