Tuesday May 28, 2024

Speech Coach Of The Future

Among the many aspects of life that have been automated, put speech coaching into the mix.  The Massachusetts Institute of Technology has developed software that gives practical hints to budding orators.  Those of us who teach speaking might find this worrisome, but we shouldn’t be.  Automation can be a valuable assistant to helping people overcome […]

The Future Of PR – Diversity

For the first time in a century or more, more white Americans have died than have been born, and in the next 30 years, people of European origin will become a minority in the US.    That is something to celebrate and to prepare for.  It should make no difference to an American what the ethnic origin […]

Future PR Tool?

It takes little imagination to see Google Glass as a future PR tool.  The camera alone will prove useful at events where practitioners serve photos in real-time to watching publics.  Wearing Google Glass, a practitioner can move about crowds and pick out people and actions to image without the burden of a camera or a cell phone […]

The Future Discovers The Past

Here is an interesting essay by a dedicated Twitter user.  In his call for an edit function he has discovered the past.  Before new media, editors knew reporters made mistakes, sometimes willfully, but most of the time not.  The editor exercised caution, was a second pair of eyes and an inquiring mind to what another […]

The Future. Always The Future.

Yet another technology is being trumpeted as a possible breakthrough for fuel-cell cars.  The fuel cell has been a power source of the future that has remained there, stubbornly resisting technology to bring it into the present.  It might be that some day, inventors, technologists and scientists conclude that it is not practical for transportation.  Until then, […]

The Future Forever?

A future of all-electric vehicles might not have come — and it may never.  Electric vehicle makers are having troubles, and there is no guarantee they will survive.  How does one do effective PR for an industry that the public never quite accepts?  Electric vehicle makers are not alone.  Inventors and scientists have, for example, […]

The Future Isn’t Here

The future isn’t here for the Murdoch iPad newspaper, the Daily.  It’s shutting down. The Daily is joining other news models on the scrap heap and is a reminder that most new media ideas don’t work.  It is easy to forget that in an era of Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.  Our focus narrows to successful efforts […]

PR Challenge Of The Future

The driver-less car is ready for the road.  Are citizens ready for the driver-less car?  More importantly, are governments and regulatory authorities prepared to vet and license robot vehicles for sale and use?   There is little doubt that the technology has arrived and the PR challenge will be to gain acceptance for it.  Some […]

Facing The Future

Whatever happens to the government’s case against book publishers, it is likely to change the future of the industry and that of e-books.  From a PR perspective, publishers put themselves on the wrong side of consumers through rejecting Amazon’s low-price approach.  The Department of Justice is saying Amazon is right and Apple in the wrong. […]

Back To The Future

Before the collapse of magazine publishing in the mid 20th Century, there was plenty of space for long-form journalism and short-form fiction — stories and novellas.  That space is returning now in the form of Kindle Singles, an Amazon program dedicated to the shorter form.  Amazon states it as “compelling ideas expressed at their natural […]