Thursday June 13, 2024

Crisis For Girl Scouts

 Child labor in the palm oil industry has become a crisis for the Girl Scouts.  Palm oil is used in Girl Scout cookies and not all of it comes from plantations with sustainable practices and use of only adult labor.  On the one hand, there are tens of thousands of young women selling cookies in […]

Self-made Crisis

Google has a crisis on its hands that it alone has created.  It has gone into partnership with Ascension healthcare to codify and store the large medical chain’s records and the information of millions of patients.  It has apparently failed to tell its own people or the public what it plans to do with all […]

Crisis Communications

The CEO of Boeing is engaged in crisis communications these days.  The money-maker for the company, the 737 Max, has turned into a dead loss.  He has little choice but to stand by the plane while investigations into its software continue and the company rolls out fixes.  It’s a tough position to be in.  Negative […]

Future Crisis?

There are times when a short-term fix generates long-term problems and this might be one.  To solve a housing shortage in Los Angeles County, the board of supervisors has approved a vast development on raw land.  The problem?  It is wildfire country and Los Angeles and its environs are particularly susceptible to conflagration.  The county […]

Future PR Crisis?

Pharmaceutical companies are going to Third World countries to test drugs.  Part of their protocol is to infect volunteers with a disease then test treatments on them.  So far, there have been no complaints from those who have been experimented on, and companies have been careful to explain to potential subjects the risks and rewards. […]

Crisis Aid

Walmart and other major fresh food suppliers are taking a major step to alleviate a perennial crisis – contaminated food.  They are implementing a blockchain network that tracks fruits and vegetables from farm to store.  The software has reduced the time it takes to find the origin of injurious product from seven days to 2.2 seconds.  […]

Leadership Crisis

There is a leadership crisis when there is an unplanned succession.  Who will take over?  How will the company change?  What’s to become of its market position?  That is the worry Fiat Chrysler found itself in over the weekend.  Its long-time and popular CEO was suddenly replaced because of ill health.  He had shoulder surgery […]

Crisis Of His Own Making, Part 2

As if Trump’s border difficulties aren’t enough of bad PR, he is doubling down on Chinese tariffs in another public relations and economic blunder.  As noted yesterday, the Trump Administration will long serve as case studies in maladroit public relations and governance.  Both his critics and his supporters are left wondering from day to day […]

Crisis Of His Own Making

President Trump has stepped into another PR crisis of his own making.  This time it is the separation of families at the border.  Trump claims it is a Democratic law and the Democrats should change it.  Impartial observers say the prior law has nothing to do with splitting children away from parents.  Condemnation of the […]

Brand Crisis

It is tragic enough that a business executive takes her own life.  It is a crisis for a company that has her brand name.  Kate Spade was a celebrity designer of hand bags and accessories.  Even though she had sold her company and was engaged in a new venture her name remained on the door.  […]