Sunday February 5, 2023

Coffee Crisis

Starbucks’ CEO should be commended for handling a crisis swiftly and sensitively.  He responded to an incident in Philadelphia where a store manager called the police to remove two African-American men who were waiting for a person in the store.  There was no justification for an intervention, and the men were not arrested or charged […]

Internal Crisis

Google is facing an internal crisis with more than 3,000 employees objecting to its work with the Pentagon.  The workers signed an open letter to top management calling for cessation of applying artificial intelligence to the Defense Department’s drone imagery program.  The activity is not designed to help identify targets on the battlefield, but it […]

Another PR Crisis

Uber doesn’t need any more PR crises, but it has another one.  The company’s self-driving Volvo mowed down a woman in Tempe, AZ and killed her. The vehicle had an operator on standby but was driving autonomously at the time.  This sparked international news and threw a wrench into the move to driverless vehicles. The […]

Odd PR Crisis

Procter & Gamble has an odd PR crisis.  Adolescents are eating the brightly colored packets of its Tide laundry soap.  They are poisoning themselves in the process.  The company has no way of stopping them but for sanitizing social media where teens boast of their exploits.  There are no good ways to seal the tubs […]

The Ultimate Crisis

There is, perhaps, no greater crisis in the life of a company than its CEO dying by his own hand.  Suicide leaves many unanswered questions about the executive, the executive’s family life and of course, the company.  Even if the CEO leaves a note, it might not stop the fear that the company is in […]

Handling A Crisis

This is a good case study for handling a crisis.  When brush fires bore down on the households of Keysight Technologies’ employees, the company sprang into action.  It’s first job was the safety and care of employees, many of whom were burned out of their homes.  The company set up care centers and systems to […]

Continuous Crisis

The large social media and tech firms are facing a continuous crisis with Russia meddling in US elections.  If they shut one door to interference, hackers will find another to penetrate.  Added to these problems is the role model Russia has become.  That is, if Russia can intrude, why not another country or political entity?  […]

Crisis Advice

Experienced PR practitioners will know intuitively the guidelines set down in this article, but it is worth reviewing them before the next crisis occurs.  The problem with crises is they rarely come at anticipated times.  They tend to blow up suddenly in unexpected places and circumstances.  In the frantic first hours, PR is trying to […]

Science Crisis

There is a PR crisis in science.  It has to do with publishing.  There is now an abundance of fraudulent science journals on the market.  They are pay-to-play, charging scientists for getting their papers printed.  They are not peer-reviewed.  They have no credibility to the knowledgeable, and they are a trap for the less aware. […]

An Odd PR Crisis

It is safe to say that Ikea, the furniture and home furnishing store, is the only chain in the world having this problem.  Teenagers infiltrating its stores and conducting overnight sleepovers is an odd PR crisis.  Any number of things can happen and none are good.  The chain is right in trying to end the […]