Thursday June 13, 2024

Reputation — Again

 AstraZeneca is having trouble getting its COVID vaccine to market.  Its problem is causing supposed blood clots in recipients.  Once a pharma company gets a bad reputation for its medicine, it is hard to come back.  The onus is on the company to prove that its therapy is safe and effective.  Ireland and the Netherlands […]

Publicity Coup Again

Google made international headlines last year when its artificial intelligence computer beat a Korean Go master in a series of games.  It was a publicity coup.  Google is at it again with a series of three games between the AI machine and the top-ranked Go player of the world.  It has already won the first […]

Try, Try Again

Often when a new electronic device fails in the marketplace, there is no second chance for it.  People scarcely remember the product and what it was supposed to do.  That is why this story is interesting.  Google is reluctant to give up on its Glass series of eye wear in spite of withering criticism it faced when it […]

At It Again

Donald Trump can’t keep his mouth shut, and every time he opens it, he looks a greater fool.  Consider this.  Not only does he inflate a specific case into a general statement, he is now demanding that those who mocked him apologize for their statements.  His position that all Mexican immigrants are law-breakers and a blight on […]

Credibility Again

This credibility destroyer keeps happening and one wonders when people are going to learn.  Lying about one’s academic credentials opens the possibility that one will lie about other things as well.  It is embarrassing to every employer this fellow had that he was able to slip through credential screening and end up for eight years with Wal-Mart. […]

Masters Of PR – Again

Google has done it again with its street-view photos of a remote Inuit village.  The firm knows how to get positive publicity and good PR.  This series of street-view photos will go with Google’s recent shots of the Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral.  Google has become a major source for visual information, essential scenes consumers and […]

Dumb — Again

Only a few days ago, Skechers paid the government $40 million in reparations for making misleading claims about its shoes.  Now it is the turn of Pom Wonderful, the packager of pomegranate juice.  There is no need to go into the bad PR from this kind of deceptive advertising, but note that the judge forbade the company […]

Great PR, Again

Here is an example of great PR and a community service at the same time.  Once again, it is from Google.   Why do I cite them so often?  Because the firm does neat stuff repeatedly.  It seems to be in the genes of Google to tackle interesting projects in new and different ways and […]

Back Again

An internet serviced provider — Comcast — is fighting again with a broadband network over fees for carriage of high volume material — streaming movies.  Both sides are crying unfair.  One, Level 3, is invoking the principles of net neutrality and saying Comcast is violating them.  Comcast in turn is saying Level 3 is pouring […]


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