An internet serviced provider — Comcast — is fighting again with a broadband network over fees for carriage of high volume material — streaming movies.  Both sides are crying unfair.  One, Level 3, is invoking the principles of net neutrality and saying Comcast is violating them.  Comcast in turn is saying Level 3 is pouring data onto Comcast’s network with no reciprocity.  The real issue is who is going to pay for network upgrades to allow such data carriage?  Sides are lining up on the issue, and it already looks like a PR nightmare for Comcast, a firm that hasn’t yet told its side of the issue convincingly.  One wonders what it will take for Comcast to make the point that high-volume data delivery requires faster servers, better throughput and more network management.  So far, it hasn’t, but this issue isn’t going away.  It is just starting.

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