Saturday May 25, 2019

Smart Food PR

Panera restaurants are engaging in a practice of smart food PR.  The chain is listing the calories for each soft drink it offers on the side of the cup.  That way consumers can know just how much sugar they are ingesting.  The practice might hurt the company’s business in the short run.  Margins on drinks […]


This is smart environmentalism and smart PR.  Bees are under global stress as it is with the sudden colony collapse syndrome decimating hives.  Building a natural path for them through a city in the form of flowers not only helps them migrate but is prettier.  Humans benefit as much as bees.  Even smarter is that […]

Smart Marketing

It takes marketing insight and creativity to solve long-standing consumer headaches.  Here is a successful example.  Every householder has a need for maintenance services demanding capabilities beyond the householder’s skill level.  And, therein is the headache.  One doesn’t know who to call except by asking neighbors or clicking through web sites.  The problem with web […]

Smart Move

Jeff Bezos of Amazon is in the middle of a smart move online.  He is preparing to make a subscription to the Washington Post, which he owns, a part of the Kindle, the reader Amazon invented.  This will provide content to news consumers nationwide and extend the Post’s reach far beyond the Beltway where it […]

Smart Investor Relations

Warren Buffett’s annual “Woodstock for Capitalists” is an example of smart investor relations.  He puts on an exhibition of Berkshire Hathaway’s companies for the shareholder meeting.  He and his long-time partner, Charlie Munger, sit for hours answering questions and addressing criticism.  Other corporations should be envious of the participation Buffett has achieved over the decades. […]

Smart PR Twice Over

Here is one example of smart PR and another.  The Swissotel guide to world etiquette is not only handy but it positions the company as a global  purveyor of hospitality.  Wal-Mart’s announcement that it will hire 100,000 veterans is not only good positioning for the often- criticized company but it brings in a workforce known to be […]

Smart PR Or A Gaffe?

Is it smart PR to call the President of the United States a liar, or is it a gaffe even though the charge is true?  Mitt Romney has released an ad that accuses the President of lying about him and about Hillary Clinton when she ran for the nomination four years ago.   Romney has […]

Smart Business, Poor PR

The New York Times published an article yesterday on Apple’s payment of taxes — non-payment, that is.  It is summarized here.    From a business perspective, what Apple is doing is smart.  No business should pay one dollar more of taxes than it must.  Its fiduciary duty to shareholders is to earn income, not pay […]

Smart PR

Google is a company that continues to practice smart PR.  Here is another example.  It is offering a $20,000 reward to anyone who can hack into its Chrome browser.  The idea, of course, is to tout the safety of its browser at the same time that it tests for vulnerabilities.  So Google gains in two ways. […]

Smart PR, cont.

NASCAR is engaged in smart PR through following EPA guidelines for an ethanol fuel mix.   However, what the organization is doing is not new.  At the beginning of auto racing more than 100 years ago, many improvements to chassis, power trains and tires were debuted on race cars first then made their way to the street.  […]