Thursday June 13, 2024

Interesting Media Strategy

White House communications strategists have hit upon an interesting media strategy.  Use the President sparsely.  He is trotted out now and again for media questions but for the most part, he is away from the press.  He is relying on cabinet members to meet and talk to journalists.  This is the exact opposite of President […]

Social Media And Investing

Goldman Sachs has taken an interesting way to gauge the valuation of a company and its stock — buzz on social media. Its analysts used comments to warn on Tesla and its Model 3 sedan.  Here is how they did it: “Goldman analysts looked to gauge sentiment on the Tesla TSLA, +0.63%  Model 3 by analyzing daily social-media […]

Media Hype

Reporters are usually sensitive to anything that smacks of hype — overselling and exaggeration.  Yet they do it themselves and a prime example is the Super Bowl.  Every conceivable angle is analyzed and beaten to death in the two weeks before the game.  One would think we were about to experience an earth-shaking event rather than […]

Media Bias

The media are biased against president-elect Trump.  They don’t like him and the feeling is mutual. This is affecting their reporting about him, especially when it comes to the transition.  There have been stories that the transition team is in disarray and unable to announce cabinet picks on time.  A look at history shows this […]

Earned Media

Earned media in PR parlance is getting one’s name or message quoted in the press without paying for it.  It turns out in this campaign season there is a genius at doing this and his name is Donald Trump.  In spite of his many inaccuracies and outright fabrications, Trump has kept his name in front […]

Blame The Media

One way for a politician to avoid responsibility for his acts is to blame the media for reporting on them.  This is what Bill Clinton has done on behalf of his wife.  However, the problem remains that she did use a private e-mail server rather than the State department system.  No matter, it is easier […]

How Social Media Fuels Content Marketing — INFOGRAPHIC

AdAge’s article, “Four Areas Agencies Need to Embrace to Stay Relevant” caught my attention. It notes external collaboration is an area agencies need more of to keep up in our industry. Internal collaboration is equally important–and almost as rare. Industry discussions around social media, public relations and content marketing provide one example. These discussions seem […]

When Media Attention Wanes

Five years ago the most devastating earthquake in Haiti’s history killed 200,000 people and left hundreds of thousands more homeless.  The media covered the quake and its aftermath intensively then moved on.  Today there are still more than 85,000 homeless in the country and little is being done for them.  The media’s attention is elsewhere, […]

Wedding Social Media

W Hotels has found a way to set itself apart with a social media wedding concierge service.  For $3,000 the hotel will live tweet the ceremony and reception, blog the wedding, post pictures, curate social media and provide a book at the end with all included.  Call it a publicity stunt, but it works, and […]

When The Media Get It Wrong

Increasingly it looks like Newsweek’s outing of the creator of Bitcoin was wrong.  The fingered person, Dorian Nakamoto, has hired a lawyer to clear his name.  Newsweek has explaining to do.  Nakamoto is upset that the media have invaded his life.  The publication is standing by its story, but it looks shaky as the days progress. […]