Sunday February 5, 2023

Shareable Media Get Serious About Attracting Millennials

When the Daily Show first aired, Jon Stewart was a comedian hosting a parody show on Comedy Central. Now he’s a satirist for a news show that just happens to run on Comedy Central. While Comedy Central’s Daily Show is as an example of niche cable brands expanding programming to attract a bigger audience, it’s […]

Social Media Gone Wrong

JPMorgan Chase & Co dipped its toe into social media and got burned.  As this commentator says, the bank ought to have known better.   What seemed like a good idea was tried when the bank is under attack from regulators and activists for its actions during the economic meltdown.  The communications practitioners at the […]

New Media

Much has been made of the decline of traditional media, but less has been said about the rise of new media.  Here is a case in which a novice reporter/editor found a need and filled it.  He chose a subject he knows well and is of interest to thousands — the Jersey Shore.  He fortuitously […]

PR And The Media

The media have a PR problem of their own — getting breaking stories wrong.  The latest case was the misreporting of the Washington shooting incident where reporters couldn’t settle on either the number of shooters (only one), the weapon used (shotgun and pistol) and the number wounded or killed (13, including the shooter).  This joins a line […]

Social Media And Liability

As this article points out, the SEC’s permission to corporate America to use social media to disclose material information presents risks and liabilities.  Hackers have already invaded corporate Twitter accounts and sent false information, notably last week.  Stock manipulators will do the same and profit from gyrations of a company’s shares.  The issue facing business is […]

The Limits To Social Media

This is an amusing tale from an individual at the heart of modern technology.  After a quip on Twitter that went viral, Vic Gundotra, Senior VP of Engineering at Google, was asked to stop using the medium by his boss, CEO Larry Page.  There was nothing wrong with the witticism.  In fact, it was brilliant […]

Are Brands People, Media or Publishers? Ad Age Misses the Point.

Like any professional industry, social media discussions can become unnecessarily “confrontational.” The air quotes are to emphasize this confrontation isn’t heated by any means. It’s usually a keyboard-based back and forth that starts when someone makes a point and someone else splits hairs to create a counterpoint. That’s what happened in the latest Ad Age […]

Making The Media Angry

According to this article, the media are fed up with the 2012 campaign.  That raises a question.  If you anger those who are supposed to cover you, what kind of coverage can you expect from them?   Or, do political reporters not matter anymore because candidates have so many other media outlets to exploit?  One […]

TidyCat’s Social Media Team Stops a Stink Over Its #lifestinks Campaign

TidyCats latest ad campaign spans online and offline to get consumers sharing about what stinks in their lives. But one of their ads created its own stink. To the brands’ credit, they were listening and responded in less than 24 hours to stop a possible catfight with consumers. Billboards localize the campaign by referencing what […]

Hunger Games’ Social Media Lesson? The Need for Real-Time (Data) and Longer Lead Time

The word of mouth and promotional frenzy around Lionsgates’ Hunger Games has been deafening. It helped the film break box office records — before it even opened it seemed. While I may never see the movie (I’m not the target audience), one thing I’m first to admit is that I really like how the movie […]