Sunday October 17, 2021

Social Media And Investing

Goldman Sachs has taken an interesting way to gauge the valuation of a company and its stock — buzz on social media. Its analysts used comments to warn on Tesla and its Model 3 sedan.  Here is how they did it: “Goldman analysts looked to gauge sentiment on the Tesla TSLA, +0.63%  Model 3 by analyzing daily social-media […]

How Social Media Fuels Content Marketing — INFOGRAPHIC

AdAge’s article, “Four Areas Agencies Need to Embrace to Stay Relevant” caught my attention. It notes external collaboration is an area agencies need more of to keep up in our industry. Internal collaboration is equally important–and almost as rare. Industry discussions around social media, public relations and content marketing provide one example. These discussions seem […]

Wedding Social Media

W Hotels has found a way to set itself apart with a social media wedding concierge service.  For $3,000 the hotel will live tweet the ceremony and reception, blog the wedding, post pictures, curate social media and provide a book at the end with all included.  Call it a publicity stunt, but it works, and […]

Social Media Gone Wrong

JPMorgan Chase & Co dipped its toe into social media and got burned.  As this commentator says, the bank ought to have known better.   What seemed like a good idea was tried when the bank is under attack from regulators and activists for its actions during the economic meltdown.  The communications practitioners at the […]

What’s the Key to Social Sharing?

In reverence of the ink-stained ‎Hermann Rorschach, Google is doing it’s trademark logo morphing today. New to me is their addition of sharing tools to the homage, allowing you to share their creative effort when you rollover it (as shown in the above screen grab). Button, Button Who’s Got the (Share) Button?Including the ability to share […]

Search & Social Ads Moving In-Stream

Twitter’s new Lead Generation Cards are the latest example of convergence in the advertising industry as social media and search create more in-stream opportunities for brands to connect with consumers. According to Mashable, the cards let users “easily and securely share their email address with a business without leaving Twitter or having to fill out […]

Social Media And Liability

As this article points out, the SEC’s permission to corporate America to use social media to disclose material information presents risks and liabilities.  Hackers have already invaded corporate Twitter accounts and sent false information, notably last week.  Stock manipulators will do the same and profit from gyrations of a company’s shares.  The issue facing business is […]

Could LinkedIn Contacts Become LinkedIn Social CRM?

LinkedIn’s new Contacts app is designed to help users stay in touch with important business contacts and build contacts with others. According to Mashable: “LinkedIn Contacts integrates into your email, mobile address book and calendar to create a one stop shop of sorts for all of your contacts that is accessible from the web and an […]

The Limits To Social Media

This is an amusing tale from an individual at the heart of modern technology.  After a quip on Twitter that went viral, Vic Gundotra, Senior VP of Engineering at Google, was asked to stop using the medium by his boss, CEO Larry Page.  There was nothing wrong with the witticism.  In fact, it was brilliant […]

Social Publicity

The presidential campaigns of 2012 are proving that social media needn’t be social and in fact, are one more publicity vehicle.  That is the conclusion of just-released study.  Obama and Romney have turned social media into controlled media — distribution points for electioneering fodder.  One should have expected this.  The idea that a candidate would […]