Earned media in PR parlance is getting one’s name or message quoted in the press without paying for it.  It turns out in this campaign season there is a genius at doing this and his name is Donald Trump.  In spite of his many inaccuracies and outright fabrications, Trump has kept his name in front of TV and newspapers and social media.  One asks how he has done it, and it seems he makes one outrageous statement after another that begs to be quoted and disproved, but in the process, he goes on to make more before the truth can catch up.  He is a loudmouth of the worst kind and impervious to what the media have to say about him and for that, people are saying he is authentic and “telling it like it is.”  Trump proves that one can fool some of the people all of the time — enough to win the nomination of the Republican party for the White House.  Republicans are deeply frightened of him — and they should be.

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