Donald Trump can’t keep his mouth shut, and every time he opens it, he looks a greater fool.  Consider this.  Not only does he inflate a specific case into a general statement, he is now demanding that those who mocked him apologize for their statements.  His position that all Mexican immigrants are law-breakers and a blight on the US is not nor ever has been true.  This country could hardly function without the labor of the immigrant, legal or otherwise.  Who would harvest our produce, care for our lawns, paint our houses, perform the dirty manual labor Americans don’t like to do?  I worked with Mexican illegals long ago as a teenager. They could and did out-produce me in the fields.  They were uneducated, scabrous in speech and often, unbathed, but where it counted they came through time and again.  They were on the lowest rung of society and knew it, but that didn’t prevent them from putting out and delivering an honest day’s labor.  They were wonderful, earthy people whom I recall fondly.  Maybe if Trump were to get his hands dirty while working with them for a few hours, he might figure that out himself.

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