Google has done it again with its street-view photos of a remote Inuit village.  The firm knows how to get positive publicity and good PR.  This series of street-view photos will go with Google’s recent shots of the Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral.  Google has become a major source for visual information, essential scenes consumers and others use daily and rarely think about.  The company is a tool for modern living.  Whatever one might say about Google in its other activities — its hits and misses and skirting privacy –, one has to concur that Google is making the world a more familiar place.  Even though there are those who would rather not have their buildings appear online, most are satisfied to have cameras pass by mounted on a car or trike.  And anyone looking up locations is happy to have an image to help guide the search.  Some commentators say Google is becoming a giant media company with its recent purchase of the Frommer travel brand to go with its prior purchase of Zagat.  Maybe so, but who should care when it is liberating information and making knowledge universal?

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