PR practitioners have a new set of challenges for 2014 — the practical use of wearable computers.  As this article indicates, the future is here.  More people will start wearing computer-based watches, eyeglasses and other accessories during the coming year.  What does this portend for communications?  It is not clear now other than we know that Google Glass allows one to take photos or video with a touch to the temple.  This is concerning for corporate security, privacy and the fear of a recorded faux pas, but it is not enough to stop the use of such gadgets.  As the writer of the article indicates, there are good reasons for using Google Glass, particularly in getting directions and location awareness.  One can easily imagine a person in an unfamiliar location using the eyeglasses as a guide.  There will be other applications soon.  How does one integrate a wearable into PR?  This is an issue the industry will need to confront.  Right now, there are so few users that it is not urgent but it is time to start experimenting to be ready.

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