Julian Assange, creator of Wikileaks, is playing to his public.  He might be effective in lecturing to them, but so far, he hasn’t convinced British authorities.  It looks as if he will be staying for a long while in a small room of the Ecuador Embassy.  He apparently sees himself as a martyr for freedom of speech, and he might be.  A question yet to be answered in a public forum is how many secrets any government should be allowed to keep.  The idea of total transparency is incorrect.  Governments, as do individuals, have secrets, information that they don’t or can’t share with the world for the time being.  Both should be allowed a degree of privacy to conduct their business and lives.  Assange is an extremist in that he denies any notion of privacy for government.  However, at issue is not Assange’s views but whether he committed sexual assault.  For that, he should be extradited and stand trial.  If proven innocent, he can then go back to his self-appointed mission, and he can argue at will his point of view.  The problem with playing to his public now is that he is trying to change topics.  Fortunately, authorities won’t let him.  

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