The mayor of New York is facing a PR challenge — getting along with his police force.  It isn’t happening now.  There is no guarantee of accommodation in the future.  The head of the policeman’s union is openly criticizing the mayor and shows no sign of backing off.  The death of two policemen, ambushed in their vehicle, only intensified the dislike of the union for the mayor.  One side or the other has to give in and try to get along.  So far, neither shows signs of movement, and both have good reasons for their positions.  The union believes policemen deserve the backing of the mayor because they are engaged in dangerous work.  The mayor believes policemen have too often abused their power in dealing with the community, especially the poor.  There are examples to support both contentions.  At some point, however, the two sides need to talk.  Thus far, they are not doing it.

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