Saturday July 20, 2024

Interesting PR Challenge

How do you sell an island that was the national quarantine center for infectious animal diseases?  Carefully, very carefully.  Can you imagine a householder paying a large sum to buy two acres and a sumptuous house on land where one is never quite sure if another virus or microbe outbreak might occur?  All the assurances […]

PR Challenge Of The Future

The driver-less car is ready for the road.  Are citizens ready for the driver-less car?  More importantly, are governments and regulatory authorities prepared to vet and license robot vehicles for sale and use?   There is little doubt that the technology has arrived and the PR challenge will be to gain acceptance for it.  Some […]

A New PR Challenge

According to this story, with the ubiquity of cell phone cameras bosses are afraid that employees will film them then post the results to the internet.  That is possible but it seems overstated.  If a boss is out of control, there is a good chance someone will record him and post it.  From the employee’s […]

PR Challenge

Here is a multi-year PR challenge — getting drivers to stop using cell phones.  The National Transportation Safety Board wants it halted everywhere.  Good luck.  This is an issue in which drivers will and do rebel.  I live in a state that has banned cell phones while driving.  I see constantly drivers with cell phones […]

Long-Term Challenge

Here is a long-term challenge for the country – students who can’t repay education loans.  The challenge has created a divide between the college-trained young and the government, and it is destroying the middle class.  The irony is that to do well in the US, one needs a college education, but the cost of that education […]

Tough Challenge

The news of Steve Jobs death presents a huge challenge to Apple.  It now has little time to re-position the company in order to show that Apple can continue and thrive without its visionary founder.  It is as much a communications task as it is a job to continue the breakthrough innovation that Jobs created […]

A PR Challenge

Here is a PR challenge that will take the careers of managers and practitioners — make Detroit an attractive place to live.  There is no way words alone will do it.  Detroit has to take many steps from getting rid of abandoned housing through improving schools, improving its tax base and finding industry to replace […]

The Neuron Challenge

Brain imaging studies are showing that different cultures are wired differently in their neurons.  Not only do different societies think differently, but their physical make-up is reshaped in line with their cultural bent.  This verifies what communicators have long suspected, but it also heightens the challenge of sending messages.  We must be even more aware that what […]

Health Care PR Challenge

Here is a PR challenge for the healthcare industry — the reluctance of doctors to report on their peers who are incapacitated or incompetent.  Essentially, doctors are saying that “it’s not my job” to let authorities know when one of their colleagues shouldn’t be practicing medicine.  Yet, doctors are in the best position to know […]