The news of Steve Jobs death presents a huge challenge to Apple.  It now has little time to re-position the company in order to show that Apple can continue and thrive without its visionary founder.  It is as much a communications task as it is a job to continue the breakthrough innovation that Jobs created time and again.  Although the company needs a mourning period, it is not too soon to start the perceptual transition.  How might Apple accomplish it?  For one, it needs to show bench strength.  Jobs didn’t create Apple products on his own.  He might have had the guiding vision, but there are thousands of engineers, product planners, logistics experts, marketers and others who made that vision come true.  It is time to feature them in order to show that Apple has the skills to continue.  If Apple can march on, it will be a legacy of his vision.  The next two or three product introductions will be crucial.  They will show whether the company is able to continue breakthrough design and to function at a high level.  

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