Here is a long-term challenge for the country – students who can’t repay education loans.  The challenge has created a divide between the college-trained young and the government, and it is destroying the middle class.  The irony is that to do well in the US, one needs a college education, but the cost of that education has risen so far above inflation that students are in debt until their 30s or 40s.  The deeper irony is that even with a college education, many students cannot find work.   Citizens are angry — and they should be.  Part of the Occupy Wall Street movement is young people without jobs who feel they have been lied to. How does one communicate to them?  The answer is simple but difficult.  Give them a job and get them started on the road to the middle class.  But, when there are no jobs available?  This country risks losing a generation of workers who become an educated underclass.  It is a problem that even activist government can’t solve.

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