Microsoft is coming out with Office 15 that has significant improvements in features, functions and benefits.  This might be a time to ask whether one really needs it and to wonder what Microsoft can say to get people to trade in their older models of Office.  There comes a time when additions to software outstrip users’ needs.  Companies feel forced to make them because they want to sell more software.  Some users buy the software because they want the latest edition.  More potential customers, however, see no need to trade in a serviceable package for something new and shiny.  It is a communications challenge for Microsoft, and I’m curious how the company is handling it.  One guess is that Microsoft depends on the computer replacement market for sales.  That is, when people trade in old machines for new ones, they upgrade both the operating system and office software at the same time.  Even so, it is a challenging communications problem.  Microsoft’s Office software is expensive, and there are freeware packages available that do just about anything that one needs done who is not a power user.  One wonders whether at some point Microsoft will give up improving Office.

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