Along with management changes, Yahoo debuted a new web page design.  It is cleaner and more inviting but is it enough?  Among the challenges of public relations is loss of attention.  Yahoo’s day has come and maybe, gone forever.  It is hard to get consumers to look again once they have moved on.  In that regard, the web might seem to be like fads and fashion — out with the old and in with the new.  However, unlike either of those, consumers seem to settle eventually on a solution for their needs and then, stick with it.  Right now, that solution is Google, which maintains overwhelming leadership in the search space, a healthy chunk of the news space and map environment and significant shares of other segments.  Moreover, Google’s leaders are not fools.  They know they cannot afford to fall behind, not for an instant.  Others are vying for their market share — notably Bing.  Where does that leave Yahoo?  The company has an enormous PR and marketing challenge to get back into the race.  What it lacks is time.  The longer the company is not competitive, the less chance it ever will be.

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