The Ad Council is planning a major campaign to convince consumers to get vaccinated for COVID-19.  Ads won’t be enough for skeptics.  They need the personal touch of their doctor and other health-care professionals they trust.  The campaign will educate the public about the availability of the vaccine, but the crucial step to overcome fears can’t be contained in a generic message. There is a huge role for PR, supplying physicians with materials they can pass on, suggested messages to patients, personal demonstrations of getting vaccinated oneself, speaking out in local communities and more.  The healthcare profession will lead the way: Ads will be a supplement.  This is not to denigrate advertising but to emphasize the local nature of the task.  Most people will comply as they see their own doctors and others safely taking the vaccine.  Some will never reach that point but it is hoped they will be a minority.  It is a huge task given the politicization of the pandemic and it will require months if not years to complete.

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