This article discusses the Associated Press’ social media strategy.  The first point that comes through is that one size doesn’t fit all.  The AP uses several distinct strategies depending on the audience it is addressing, and it narrows those even further.  Because the AP is a breaking news service, it doesn’t let Tweets get ahead of wire copy.  On the other hand, Tweets are seconds behind the moving story.  It is understandable that AP considers Tweeting as a 140-character headline medium.  The AP has had headline wire delivery for decades.  Tweeting is nothing more than an internet-adapted alert.  Note that Tweeting is a one-way medium for the AP.  Facebook is the place where the AP relates to readers.  Some might object, but it make sense.  Facebook is designed for interaction in ways Tweeting isn’t.  What the AP is doing might be useful for PR practitioners to examine more closely.  It could change the way you use social media.

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