President Trump has reversed himself over selecting his Florida resort and golf resort for an upcoming G7 meeting.  He blamed Democrats for the decision but he was also facing a revolt from Republicans who saw the selection as corrupt.  Whether he went forward with his plan or not, it is one more nail into the coffin of his public relations and campaign strategies.  He has no moral sense, other than what is best for him.  He is a challenge to the country, which expects a President to speak for all and not just for oneself.  All Presidents are ego-driven.  No one with a realistic view of the job would want it.  But, the public expects a President’s self-esteem to be subordinated to the position and a representation of the nation.  That Trump shows no awareness of issues beyond his own is a disappointment to liberals, independents and the media and a cause for anger.  That he cannot even reverse himself without causing upset is a bad position to be in.  One hopes in 2020 the national nightmare will be over.

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